Cannon at Hospital

Cannon and I are in the oncology clinic. Tough night at the Wiggins House but this morning Cannon seems better. He has been playing with his favorite toy set (yes, the pink one) at Clinic and seems happy enough.

We will test urine to make sure no tumor growth but that takes 5-7 days. We also did a blood draw again and will see where his numbers are after his IV antibiotics. 

For the first time ever Cannon helped draw this own blood. He smiled and thought it was cool - that's a first!!! Made me just think truly how far he has come. FAR! 

Everyone on the team can't believe how much Cannon is doing - he knows his numbers, colors, shapes and is working on the alphabet now. He was interacting with everyone which is HUGE for him!!! Wow..... Thankful For The Fight!!!!

As I finish up this post we are at the train and Cannon is now REALLY happy.

I would ask for prayers that the urine shows no tumor growth and blood work comes back normal. Thank you so much for all the prayers yesterday - they save our butt every time!!!

Written by Mumma-Bear

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