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"Thankful For The Fight"

Some of you may recall a month or so ago I received a call from Oscar, Cannon's friend. Cannon and Oscar met in August in Michigan. It was the first time I saw Cannon strong enough to play. When Oscar called me he screamed "I am cancer free, I am cancer free!" Aside of his parents I was the first call. I will forever remember that day. 

Oscar just turned 5 years old and for the last two years has battled brain cancer and stomach cancer.

When Cannon and I were heading to Michigan last week we arranged to meet with Oscar and his 3 year-old sister Sally. Oscar had just started school and was thriving. 

We were shocked when we got to the hospital's oncology clinic to find Oscar was there not feeling well. He complained of stomachache, headache and his left eye was sagging. His mum was just beside herself!! 

Oscar hid under his blanket and Cannon ran in and they played peek-a-boo! Oscar asked Cannon to play on the computer but of course Cannon isn't old enough. Oscar said "Cannon I missed you." Cannon smiled - Cannon and Oscar have a very special bond that I have never seen in Cannon. Oscar's mum and I always joke that Cannon will marry his little sister Sally. 

My heart physically aches to write this. Oscar has relapsed for the third time. The lymphoma has spread to his brain and spine. They were told he has a 2-10 percent chance to survive since it's spread so badly. His mother was told the following:

"We will do chemo for 5 days, do an MRI in 3 weeks and if there is no change in the cancer Oscar will be sent home on hospice." 

I can barely type those words. Can you imagine not only hearing them but hearing them about your child? Your child who just turned five? Your child that has beaten cancer twice already? I CAN'T!!!!!

I try not to ask all the time BUT...

I am asking...

I am asking big time...

Oscar needs a miracle... 

Please pray for this boy. He is the sweetest, kindest little boy. When Cannon first met him he was always helping Cannon as Cannon wasn't strong. Cannon would in turn rub his head and Oscar would giggle and say "That tickles."

We would play every night at the Renucci House until really late in the night. In fact on our last night Oscar and Sally and their mum came to our room and we played and then ran up and down the halls until we got yelled at. Okay, Oscar's mum Amanda got yelled at. I hid. I'm just that nice of a friend. :) I adore you Amanda!! I am praying hard and Cannon and I have been praying everyday for Oscar! The thought of him in chemo and pain again just kills me and I can only imagine what your heart feels.

Please pray for my buddy Oscar. But more than that Cannon's first friend Oscar.

I love you Oscar!! We are praying hard!!!

Days like today I look back on a year ago and Cannon in the midst of stem cell transplant and how hard he was fighting and I'm thankful! I am thankful for the fight. I think about that when I pray for my buddy Ethan. Ethan will have a bone marrow transplant tomorrow. My heart doesn't hurt for Ethan - it's thankful! When Cannon and I pray for Ethan we say "Thank you that Ethan has a match for transplant, thank you that he has an amazing mother and father that fight everyday for him, thank you that so many love and support him." His page is "Yellow For Ethan" and he would love for you to like and support his page. We adore you buddy and Cannon and I keep praying for you!

Today Michael, Olivia and I are on our way to Alabama. Olivia is a senior and was accepted to college at AU so we are touring tomorrow. Funny story. We attempted to board our flight and it wasn't actually our flight. Then we went to look for our ACTUAL flight and it had left... whoops! So as I type we just got off of a flight to Atlanta and are driving a few hours to go get our luggage and then the house where we're staying. We all laughed and said "perspective".

This journey has left much damage on my heart but it has also given me a gift of perspective and gratitude that I confess I never had before, or had very little of!

This past week we had our second strategy meeting with Venable LLC, our legislative lobbyist representation at Cannonball Kids' cancer. I am excited to say soon we will be having a sit down with the powers that be at the FDA. This is nothing short of a miracle. The team at Venable is pulling out all the stops and are a force to be reckoned with!  I am beyond impressed with them. It's humbling to believe they took on this cause pro bono for us, but I'm pretty sure the big man upstairs had some part in it. ;) 

Prayers for Oscar!

Prayers for Ethan!

Thank you for taking time to read and share this post!

Thankful for the fight! 

Written by Mumma-Bear

Cannonball Kids' cancer

Thankful For The Fight

Pray Hard

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