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I wonder if people read my blog titles and think "This girl thinks everything is exciting." ;)  In a sense I do.

I have read a lot about laugher, your inner child, choosing to be happy. I have read how on average children laugh 200 times a day and adults a mere 4. How laughter is the best medicine and studies show that laughing and living joyously (attitude-wise) help you live longer. Laughter reduces blood pressure and those that laugh often are 40 percent less likely of a heart attack than those who don't. 

Don't believe me? Watch a funny TV show or read a funny book before bed and I guarantee the natural tranquilizer of laughter will help that insomnia.

Back to my point... I am excited about our NEWEST initiative!

A little background first...

Our Board has met on many occasions and we have looked at other organizations and what they are known for. Through our cross examinations and much debate (inevitable with lawyer Founders not to mention the fact we're husband and wife) it became apparent that most successful charities had ONE thing they were known for. The issue being that a lot of the good ideas are gone! Lemonade stands (Alex's Lemonade Stand), shaves (St. Baldrick's), walks (CureSearch), cookies (Cookies for Cancer), etc. So we needed to think of an idea that would set us apart, would be different from others, would be low cost to others and would involve family. As a mother of four kids I am always looking for ideas that incorporate the entire family, not just parents... ideas that can teach our children service and community.

This has probably been one the hardest tasks our foundation has taken on, mostly because our core mission is research and education so  we needed an idea that kept us to our mission but involved the family and RAISED FUNDS.

DRUMROLL please...

I believe we found it...

With that I introduce our newest initiative...

The Cannonball Kids' cancer Card Club!

The card club is our community level initiative. The idea is that you host a card club event either at your home, your school, your workplace, your church and you make cards for kids battling cancer. There are around 50,000 kids battling cancer in hospitals right now. I know when kids made cards from Cannon it made my heart happy as I knew it took time and effort and that meant the most to me. Each individual or family pays $5 to participate in the card making and has the option to donate to Cannonball Kids' cancer, too. The $5 will all go to research and education. 

One thing that really excites me about this is that an entire grade in a school can do this, or it can be small and a Bible study group can do it. I know many groups knit hats but maybe a card club could be just as fun. I am thrilled the Board approved this idea and that we will move forward with it. 

If you want to host a card club event just print the flyer from our website or from this post and start making cards. I suggest involving our children... teaching service early. 

The details and where donations go are all included on the flyer. These events can be held anywhere in the world at little or no cost. 

I hope everyone is excited as we are.

On Friday of this week, Caressa Johnson, who leads up this initiative and I will be at Amaya Papaya Playlounge located at 3385 US Highway 17-92, Suite 369, Casselberry, FL 32707 from 10:30 -12:30 hosting the first ever CKc Card Club event. Cannon and the twins will be gracing us with their crazy presence so it will be a really fun morning. I hope to see lots of familiar faces to make cards for kids that are sick and raise funds for research and education to help those kids still battling this deadly fatal disease called pediatric cancer! 

Written by Mumma-Bear

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