Happy, Happy, Happy Mumma-Bear

6 Months NED!

Today we held our first ever Cannonball Kids' cancer Card event. I am totally buzzing from it...

I had a treat today of our babysitter with me. It was wonderful to have help to feed the boys and change diapers, but most special was that I was able to take each of my boys individually for 20 minutes each and paint with them separately! It was really special for me to have that individual one-on-one with each of my three boys. I rarely get that and I so so so enjoy it!! 

As I type now all three boy are now napping, lavender candles are infusing the house while I drink my Earl Grey (with milk, I am British after all) and watching some trash TV. I think it's called VanDerPump Rules. Whatever it is is numbing my brain. ;)

Making cards for kids battling cancer today was really special! The feeling of doing service and community work with my very own child whom has battled like the kids we honored today... well, special doesn't quite cover it! I have a happy, happy, happy heart today. It truly was a special moment in my life with my children. 

We had so much fun today making cards for Oscar, Ethan, Prestun, Brooke, Wes and Alex that next Wednesday we are doing it all over again at Amaya Papaya. 

Thank you to everyone who came out today, painted cards and donated money to research for these kids who need better, more effective, and less painful treatments. 

Cannon was diagnosed NED May 20th of this year, exactly 1 year, 1 month and 1 day after he was diagnosed! Wow!! What a horrific year but what a win for Cannon and our family!!! I am so proud of how hard he worked. He is getting stronger and happier and chubbier, may I add (thanks to dad and his ice cream problem... and it is a problem) every single day! 

If you want to host a card club event please email me at Melissa.wiggins@cannonballkidscancer.org.


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