Best Day Ever - Attitude of Gratitude

Cannon and I had an amazing day today... amazing, amazing, amazing!!!

We hit the children's museum which he had a blast in. We then got caught in the rain so we ducked into Starbucks where Cannonball had his first soy latte in a year. Last year in Philly during proton radiation it was so cold so we would have one on our way home to keep us warm. Well today it's in the 40's and rainy and damp so it felt necessary. 

Can I just take a minute and say how incredibly easy and enjoyable one kid is? Lol. I know that's wrong, I have four kids but wow!!! I actually got to drink my coffee and eat my croissant! That is near impossible with all the boys and that Olivia can be a right handful sometimes ;). Cannon sat on my lap and watched the cars go by, he watched videos (of himself) on my phone and laughed so hard his head went back. He was so, so, so happy!! I am one of those people who talks to God all day long! Weirdo, right?! I am always thanking or cursing hHm for something. Joking. I'm always thanking Him. ;) As Cannon sat on my knee I cuddled him as tight as I could and I laughed with him at the videos of himself and I thanked God for keeping me faithful! It would be easy to lose faith when your kid gets cancer. Luckily I am not your easy kind of girl. Just ask my hubby - not a joke. ;) I don't judge if you lose your faith - I get it. But for me that hasn't been my experience! My faith is stronger than it has ever been. That's a gift to me and my children! 

Today I went with the flow, I didn't look at my watch, I didn't schedule his nap, I didn't need us to be anywhere or eat anywhere. It was a truly amazing day!!! My heart is light and I am very thankful. An attitude of gratitude today!!! I was taught that - I'm not smart enough to come with that one. 

I am 

I continue to be

I will always be

Thankful for the fight....

Written by Mumma-Bear

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Thankful For The Fight

Pray Hard

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