Emotional Investment in Kids With Cancer

I confess, I didn't quite get everyone's emotional attachment to Cannon. Since he was diagnosed in April of 2013 people would email me tell me how hard they prayed and sure, I hoped it was true, but I never quite understood how anyone could care so much for someone they never met or met only a few times. 

I've said this before: everyone reading this blog has a choice. You all choose to look at kids' cancer head-on, read painful blog after painful blog, watch videos of my son crying in pain. You didn't turn away, you were brave! You emailed me, called me, texted me, and continue to raise money and awareness. 

I was baffled by all of it. Grateful, but baffled.

Take the town of Pine Grove. The girls in the picture, Alyssa and Adrianna, had ever met Cannon until this past week. Yet they handed us a check for over $2,000 that they raised with their youth group - Salem Hetzel's Church Group. They are incredible girls and a true testament to their parents. They are and remain emotionally invested.

Take the twin mums in Philly. They collected our laundry during stem cell transplant and decorated our hotel room with Christmas decorations and so much more. None of them had even met Cannon. Emotionally invested. 

Or Meghan, a woman I had never met, who heard I was struggling to make breastmilk for my twins and donated hundreds of bags of milk to my babies. Meghan had never met Cannon or me before. Emotionally invested. 

Or Ashley... I like to call her my Ashley - I am a little protective of her. ;) I had only met Ashley once before and she entered our crazy cancer lives in the first week and has never left my side. Ok, well she moved to North Carolina and I totally resent that but I am keeping it nice here. ;) Without her, the CKc Foundation would not exist and that's the truth. Emotionally invested. 

Or Rich, an award winning creator, who had never met Cannon and got on board and made CKc modern and impactful with all he and his wife do. Emotionally invested. 

Or Jessica, she only met Cannon this last week. She has cried, rejoiced in him and lived the horrors with us. She has raised awareness and understanding as well as funds for CKc. Emotionally invested.

Or the Youtz family, who only met me after Cannon was diagnosed. They have spent literally weeks of their lives looking after my babies to help me be with Cannon. Emotionally invested. 

Or MY friends.

Take Bridget, she came on her wedding night and dropped off cake to me in the hospital. Emotionally invested.

Or Ryhan and Jay, they had CKc facts on 40+ buses around the country. Emotionally invested.

My Miss Mary, who sat through every, and I mean every treatment in Orlando day after day with me. Emotionally invested.

Father Dennis, who started a prayer group because of Cannon and now prays for lots of kids battling cancer. Emotionally invested.

I have not even added all the amazing people who dropped off literally hundreds of diet cokes and lunches for me and gifts for Cannon or home cooked meals or donated to our foundation. It's all been a whirlwind. 

Some turned away. Not many, but some. And I get the pain is too much for some to be around. I get it, I really do. With that said, I am beyond thankful that most of you stuck with us, liking my blogs, supporting my son, our mission for our Foundation and CKc. 


I am now one of you... I am emotionally invested in other kids.

I have cried so many tears for sweet Oscar. Too many to count - but it is safe to say I get it! I've only spent a week with Oscar and I am emotionally invested. Oscar remains in severe pain! It's actually painful for me to type about it. Please continue to pray for a miracle. I refuse to pray for anything else! 

What I am trying to say in an incredibly long-winded way is this:

Thank you. From the bottom of my wee tiny Scottish heart I am so, so, so thankful that you got emotionally invested and stayed emotionally invested. Thank you for helping us Cannonball Kids' cancer... CKc style!!!


Written by Mumma-Bear

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