Don't Allow People to Steal YOUR Joy!

I confess I can get a little ticked off with drivers on the road...

I read once that people are like garbage trucks: they carry stuff around all day just waiting to dump on something or on someone in this example.

This morning a man was yelling at me because he couldn't get around the corner of the road. Not because I was on the wrong side or too far over but because he had swung around too far! I confess when a man starts yelling at me and I have my kids in the car the hairs on the back of my neck go up! My instinct however does not need to be my action, just like my feelings don't need to be my words.

Instead, although my instinct was to get out the car and show him who's boss ;) I chose to scoot my car over for him and smile and wave! I bet that man didn't feel too great after I did that, but I sure did!

I want to show my kids that I can stay calm and cool (doubtful, I've never been cool) and to not allow others to take their joy!

All day, everyday, people can steal our joy. The grumpy teller at the bank, the crazy guy yelling in the car, the rude man in the store, a family member, an emotional teenager, an ex-husband. Don't allow it! Don't give it away!!! 


Today I choose to keep my joy!

What will you choose?

It took cancer in my 20 month-old son to make me realize so much. I'd encourage you to learn from my mistakes. 

Written by Mumma-Bear

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