Oscar Update... A Miracle Is Needed

My heart is broken as I type through my tears. 

Many of you who follow this blog know Cannon and Oscar became fast friends in Michigan the first time we went for his DFMO chemo trial in August. It was the first time I ever saw Cannon play with another child! Oscar, who has been battling medulablastoma since he was 3, and whom is now 5, called me a week or so after we left in August. He screamed into phone "I am cancer free!" Since then Cannon has watched the video of he and Oscar playing close to a 100 times I bet. 

Cannon and I were in Michigan again a few weeks ago and ready to play with Oscar and made plans to do so. Instead, Oscar was in the clinic and due to a sore head! Oscar told Cannon "I love and I miss you." Cannon smiled and rubbed Oscar's head. Sadly, it looks like that will be the last time Cannon will ever see Oscar again. How hard those words are to type! Heart wrenching!!!

Cannon loves Oscar! I love Oscar! I love Oscar's mum.

Last night Amanda, who is a single mum of Oscar (5) and Sally (3), called me. She and I have become fast friends since we met.

Amanda told me how they are stopping chemo. That the cancer is too fast growing and that Oscar has minutes to weeks of life left! She was going to decorate the hospital room with Christmas decorations as she said that is Oscar's favorite time of the year. These will be her last memories, she said.

I can't change this for Oscar or Amanda or Sally! But maybe, just maybe, CKc can. I promise we are working hard. Much of which I can't talk about yet due to confidentiality, but I promise we are! 

Oscar does not have a page but you can donate to him and his family to help with costs! His mum has not worked for two years because she has been fighting for Oscar. I have placed the link in this blog. Please consider donating to this incredible family whom Cannon and I love and hold so dear to our heart!

My heart is broken

But it's not about me

It's about Oscar

It's about Amanda

It's about Oscar's dad

It's about Sally

It's about the kid diagnosed tonight

The kid fighting today

It's about Cannon never getting to see his friend again! 

My heart is broken.

I asked Amanda, "What can I do?"

She said, "Keep fighting for Cannon."

I will fight for Cannon and others forever!

Oscar has changed my life much like Cannon has changed many people who follow this blog. 

I continue to pray for a miracle.

I ask you to pray for a miracle.

No 5 year old should be in the hospital having their body consumed by a tumor. No person and certainly no child! 


Cannon had tests blood and still samples taken at the hospital today. They will call me later to see if Cannon is okay. I think he is just a little run down, I am not worried. Welcome to preschool, I think.

Written by Mumma-Bear

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