NO evidence of DISEASE.. Cancer Free!!!!

I started writing a post before I got this news but thank goodness I can ditch that post and blog the words:

Cancer Free

No Evidence of Disease

Cannon has worked so hard for this day....

I confess, I cried when Dr. Susan Kelly showed me his last urine results and then today's. It wasn't pretty but it couldn't be held back.... A rush of emotions flew through my body. Cannon's levels are now 3.8 and 6.2 (below 13 is normal). When he was diagnosed they were 300. We know we still have two years of outpatient treatments but that's our insurance policy for what we already know... Cannon has no evidence of any disease in his body.

Today, May 20, 2014, a day I will never ever forget!! Ever!!!

I am not sure how I express in words the feeling in my heart and soul. The truck that was pushing me against the wall over and over yesterday has released me from it's grips and finally a pressure from my chest is lessening.

My sister brought the twins to see me and I got to share the amazing news with her and the boys.

To celebrate this incredible news Team Cannonball has a new sale for t-shirts starting today. I am sorry we took so long to get this project going but below is the link to buy t-shirts. I believe kids sizes are available too. Please know the funds raised from the sale will NOT go to our family. They will go directly to Cannonball Kids' Cancer. The foundation is in the 9 months legal process...September 2014 it will be complete. So the funds will go 100 percent to kids' cancer research and awareness initiatives at CKC. 

Cannon has slept almost all day since he didn't sleep last night. I should probably try and rest but I am just so happy that everything we have worked hard for is paying off. Cannon did this. Nobody else can take that from him. We just helped him along the way. But Cannon did this, he went through 13 hour surgeries, he was taken to near death in transplant... he did it all. I am so proud of that kid I get to call my son. Michael and I are just so happy!! I can't wait to hug my husband and really celebrate. 

Link for buying T-Shirts.....

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