I Got GREEDY.......

When Cannon was in the midst of his battle hooked up to a life support machine fighting for every breath, I looked to Michael and I said "we need to show the world this". I said if we can save one kid then it's worth it. This wasn't about just our son anymore, it was so much BIGGER than that! 

One kid....

That was all my emotionally broken down soul could handle as I held my baby's hand.... 

I confess and I'm not ashamed to admit... 

I got GREEDY....

One is not enough. It's just not. 


Cancer is the NUMBER ONE killer of kids under 15. Not the second, not the third, not the fifth... the first!!!!!! 

As in no other disease kills MORE of our babies than CANCER!!!

4 kids will die today in the US. That's four sets of parents, four grandparents, countless siblings, communities and above all the kids are losing on average 69 years of their life.... 

That's why!!!!

Say all you like about more people get adult cancers and that's why there is more funding - to that I say this: Adults lose on average 7 years of their life (going on average life expectancy) and kids lose around 69 years.   So yes, I get the arguments said to me all the time but I'm sorry - enough is enough. Breast cancer receives $603 million for research - one type of cancer. Lung cancer gets $315 million - one cancer. All 12 kids' cancer which are completely different - what do they get? They get $208 divided by 12 cancers. And I wondered why there had been only one change to Cannon's treatment in 25 years!!!! That's why!!!!

Today in the US 40,000 children are in hospitals living in the hospital beds. Fighting to live one more day! 4 of them will die before the end of today. Can you imagine?

Did I ever imagine I would hear 'your kid has cancer?'  No.

But I did.... 


I got GREEDY!!!!!!

One kid's life being changed is not enough!!!! 

Congressmen and Senators may not listen but they will certainly hear this from me next week!!!  

I will not be quiet!!

I am greedy for change!!!!!! 

Comment if you're greedy, too!!! 

Please volunteer to be a part of the movement that plans to change to the face of kids' cancer - with your help!!! We cannot do it alone!!! Cannonball needs a bigger team!!!! Go BIG or Go HOME!!!!! 

Cannon is getting strong from occupational therapy, swim therapy - the pictures are him smiling as he is so pleased he can get out his chair - only did this for first time today.... I'm excited for him - here comes the climbing stage - one word! Amazeballs!!!!

Written by Mumma-Bear

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