#STEPUP - TODAY - I Challenge You!

Time to #STEPUP

Gold shoes - check! 

Team Cannonball is heading to Washington DC right now!!! 

We are part of the ON FOOT movement to encourage, gently persuade, charm - whatever we need to do to CHANGE the percentage of funding for research for these kids. I find "kill them with kindess" may be my motto, that said I reserve the right to change my mind at anytime!  Maybe my Scottish accent will come in handy - FINALLY! 


#STEPUP is something we are encouraging everyone to share any way you know how!  Whatever it takes, but I challenge you to SHARE this post and ask others to #STEPUP.

How can you help?

All I ask is you share this message: 

Our Government - the United States of America - has $5 billion each year that is allocated to ALL Cancers - of that 100 percent pie - all 12 kids' cancers get 4 percent. That 4 percent is divided up between them. That's why our kids are dying. Would you like to know what kills more kids than any other disease? You guessed it - CANCER!!!!!! 

That's what I ask you to do. Take that message, repost it however you want!! But get the message to those that DON'T know - we NEED change!!

You can be a PART of the movement!!! 


It's TIME!!!

Join the movement!!! Today!!!!

I receive hundreds of messages asking "how can I help"? 

Today YOU can help! 

Please check our website daily for updates on what we are doing in DC and the progress we are making. Team Cannonball can't wait to join 247 other advocates from all over the country to make a difference for OUR kids - YOUR kids. 

Written by Mumma-Bear

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