Day One - Washington DC

Day One ....

DC Day One

DC Day One

Day One in Washington DC...

Well it's safe to say it's a marathon, not a sprint. The amount of work that is required to change things is vast and difficult - but I like a challenge so it veers well with my personality.  

I have to say that listening to story after story from parents whose children are no longer with us was both emotionally soul destroying and inspiring all in one. I'm motivated beyond my own comprehension.

We trained today from 10am - 6pm. We have five meetings tomorrow. We are divided into states. Our group will meet with two Senators: Bill Nelson and Marco Rubio and three Representatives: Daniel Webster, Gus Bilirakis and Dennis Ross. We were told we may meet with their staffers, but that maybe a good thing, they urged. 

There is a message we are trying to get across and today was all about unifying that message and asking for the same thing. More funding for our kids.

One lady's story struck me. Her child died from brain cancer. She mentioned that Neil Armstrong's daughter had the same treatment 50 years ago that her daughter had two years ago. Her daughter died. Horrific - we as a nation have let that little girl down! No change in 50 years in unacceptable. I believe we can change the face of kids' cancer just like breast cancer and prostate cancer have done!!! It's not IMPOSSIBLE (it's mission possible - I believe).

I had the opportunity to speak with Gabriella Miller's mother for a long time. We both got emotional about the fact of thinking of change for our kids. Gabriella died of brain cancer at 10 - she is famous for saying "talk is bullshit", and it is! Her mother is an amazing woman and I praised her for her efforts for pediatric cancer. 

The speakers were outstanding!!! I learned so much and I promise once I am home to place all the information on our site with an action plan on how WE at home can change the face of pediatric cancer. Peter Adamson from CHOP was my favorite speaker - he truly got the message across! I wrote almost every word he said down in my notes. Again I promise to share it all!!! 

There are things WE can do at home. Those that aren't in DC - right from your home! I promise to list them and get them up on the website. 

I am ever grateful for the opportunity to educate to eradicate kids' cancer.

Tomorrow is a big day!! 

Written by Mumma-Bear

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