Cast A Stone Across Waters To Create Many Ripples.....

Cast A Stone Across Waters To Create Many Ripples…..

Cannonball Kids’ Cancer

Where to begin…….

So much is happening…So fast…. It is a ride I never imagined I would get on, but one I know I will never get off. 

I love this quote someone sent me:

‘ I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across waters to create many ripples’

Mother Theresa

The Foundation: Cannonball Kids’ Cancer founded June 10, 2014 was created not only by Michael and I but by all of you. I truly believe the quote above, there is nothing that has been achieved so far that is by Michael and I alone – nothing. It has been team work all the way and now that team is growing at exponential speed.  

I want everyone to know that although this isn't a REAL job in the sense myself and my husband are not compensated in a monetary sense, that I take my position within the Board, the Foundation VERY serious. I have never been more dedicated to anything in my life.  I spend hours’ daily working towards a successful movement to eradicate pediatric cancer through education. Educate to Eradicate.

I fully believe that we have two choices with our words – 1. We can use them to complain or; 2. Use them to change our situation. I choose CHANGE. What use is it to sit around and cry over spilt milk – my son had cancer (41 days cancer free people) he may even get it again or get another secondary cancer – instead why not share that experience and make good of it…make those ripples in the water, ripples of good, ripples of hope, ripples of faith, RIPPLES OF EDUCATION. We at CKC believe in our hearts if we educate more people things CAN and WILL change.


Go BIG or Go Home…..

First things first… DC Update…

I have had many correspondences in the past 7 days since we left DC. I now believe I have two new friends in Capitol Hill, I may have worked my Scottish charm a little, okay a lot, but don’t judge me, it’s for the good of the kids. So everyone we met with seems on board with co-sponsoring our bill – HIGH FIVE ON THAT ONE. I made a point during our meetings to specifically ask if each representative me met with would co-sign a letter to Harold Varmus (Head of the National Institute for Cancer). For those that missed my last post – the NCI allocates 4 percent (actually 3.8) to all 100 or so pediatric cancers for research. Harold Varmus decides along with his team where the money is allocated. He is quoted as saying that adult cancer research helps pediatric cancer. Now I am a little more educated from some experts at CHOP I know this not to be true. CHILDREN ARE NOT SMALL ADULTS – they simply aren't. In fact if we did more research on pediatric cancer we would be able to know more about the ACTUAL make-up of the cancer since there would be less environmental issues to determine causes from ( a thought provoking point  - don’t you agree?) . Back to my point right now our Florida Alliance is trying to put together a letter that we will all sign and send to the representatives we met and have them all co-sign our letter to Varmus. Why? Power? They have more say than we civilians do ;) ….. At this point in time we are looking to perhaps set up a petition that people can sign so that we can send with the letter – the idea being this would have more weight than just a few parents and representatives.

Please know we are working hard and fast on this project.

Volunteer Applications:

If you haven’t been to our website please go to the volunteer section and fill in an application as soon as possible. Even if there is no position now, you will be added to a database for the future ( we don’t plan on going anywhere).

We have now FINALLY reviewed all the applications to date – one word – amazeballs (anyone liking this word yet? I am not giving up people)…It was overwhelming for me to read hundreds of applicants share what they wanted to do and time they wanted to dedicate to this cause. To this movement. Educate to Eradicate!!!

Please be patient with us – we will be in touch with everyone as soon as we possibly can. We are working with UK volunteers and US and there are hundreds which is just the biggest blessing ever!!!

Mission Statement

We have a mission statement – FINALLY!!! It is a really hard task to write one – why? Well, I, WE want to DO IT ALL!!!!! We want to help local families, and we want to fund trials, and we want to educate and the list never ends. Thank Godness I am not the one running the show here, I am thankful for the amazing team we have. They reined me in and we now have the bones of a 5 year plan.

We are looking for someone who can help us draft an official business plan- if that is you please email us.


Our primary goal is to register speakers – these speakers will be provided a PowerPoint presentation which if they do not have PowerPoint access when they present they may print out and speak from. We are enrolling around the entire US, UK and Europe. Go BIG or Go HOME (right?) There will be information to hand out when you speak. Speakers will select a number of times they wish to speak per year and where they wish to speak. This can range from in your work place like a hairdresser after hours, to your law firm, women’s group, church – anywhere where you can speak about pediatric cancer and hand out information sheets. The idea is to educate as many people as possible and the hope is that this will begin a movement of awareness that in turn will create funds. People will be given the opportunity to become donors or speakers. Each year we hope to grow the number of speakers we have and in turn raise more money to go to early detection trials as well as pediatric drug trials. Please know that children can be involved in this – if your child wants to stand outside your house and give information sheets out to local drivers passing by – encourage it.

If you have a child with cancer, or who is cancer free or sadly is in heaven please contact us – we would love to have other families as speakers – we believe that would be an amazing face to the message.

If you are interested in being a speaker feel free to email us at


Will be a roll out of our children’s ambassador program. Our board of teachers from all grade levels and lawyers will be writing detailed protocols for elementary, middle and high school this year so that we have the power of words when we approach schools to implement the education into their schooling in 2015.


It was advised to our Board that a good time to release the calendar is November 2014 in time for Christmas gifts. SPOILER ALERT: there will be Scottish Rugby players in kilts and Cannonball Kids’ Cancer t-shirts on the front cover…Just sayin….

So please if you are in a fun location with your Cannonball t-shirts on remember and email them to us.

BOOK - Thankful For The Fight...

I am excited – we have a team helping make the book a reality. It will be ready for sale in time for September GO GOLD month for pediatric cancer.

There is so much MORE going on, but for now this should be enough for everyone to digest.

More later.

Written by Mumma-Bear

Cannonball Kids’ Cancer

Thankful For The Fight

Pray Hard

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