A Bad Day - MORE Prayers Needed...

I wish I was typing that Cannon was NED, that he was totally fine and we had no issues today. I can't do that. I want to. 

I am emotionally spent today and Cannon is, too. Cannon was up most of the night - so I was up all night with him. He has so much pain in his back from the bone marrow and bad diarrhea. He cried on and off all night. I was tempted to cry, too, from exhauastion. 

Today I was in the chapel at the hospital and they called me to "come back ASAP to where Cannon was". I could hear him screaming in the background. I ran back to the MIBG room. Cannon had come out of sedation and despite more meds they couldn't get him back to sleep. They needed to call anesthesia to come and put him under with stronger anesthesia. After much screaming and a complete failure of attempting to calm Cannon down he was put under. The scans were completed.

I have been told "not to panic or worry". Trust me, I'm trying, but I feel like I am going to vomit and my stomach aches so bad.

Cannon's intestine is lighting up on the MIBG. This means one of two things: 

1. The cancer is back, or  

2. There is a ton of poop in there that is blocking it.  

I want to believe number two but I can't help but wonder.

Why more scans? 

We have never EVER needed a new set of scans - ever!

We had diarrhea, so how could it be poop?

To think we need to sleep tonight and do more scans tomorrow and with this hanging over us?  

I am ill! I am sick to my stomach and I am NOT asking for prayers. I am begging!!! Pray for NO cancer!!!!

Written by Mumma-Bear

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