Cannon in Scans NOW! Please Pray

I just left my baby for his scans. I confess I am struggling today. I am smart: I get that if I allow my brain to run the show... it will. 


Why isn't it getting easier? Why does his screaming pierce my heart like a pin to a balloon? 

Cannon screamed as they cathed him. In case you don't know what that is, it's a hard tube that is placed through the tip of his penis and goes into his bladder to collect urine. Of course he has to be awake to have this done. It's not a pleasant experience for an adult, let alone a two year-old. 

Cannon was sedated when I left him. Leaving the room is hard but staring at the imaging screen for three hours would be worse. Again, mind over matter.

I was a runner. Trust me, I understand the concept of mind over matter. If I thought I would win the race, I did. If I doubted myself, I lost! It was that simple! So the only way to stop the anxiety and fear is believing in Cannon and all the medical choices we have made. Keeping my faith intact is vital at this stage in the game! 

Please pray that all of Cannon's tests are clear and NO cancer lives in his tiny 32 pound body.  

Many people have emailed us asking how to donate to Cannonball Kids' Cancer. I have good you can. Any donations are tax deductable. On our website there is a "donate now" button.  

It's official: Cannon, Daddy and Mumma-Bear are going to Scotland! August 26th for 10 days!!! We are going to give Cannon the trip of a lifetime: play centers and music class and whatever he wants!! He deserves it all!!! Excited to raise money for pediatric cancer while we are there! A golf day and a kids' fashion show - how exciting!!!! 

Written by Mumma-Bear

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