Praise YOU in this POOP STORM....

Wooooo hoooo!!!!!!!!! It's POOP!!!


POOP....Still Cancer FREE!!!!

I've never been so happy about poop in my life and trust me I clean my fair share with three under three...

A few extra gray hairs and some new crow's feet- but the misery is over!!

Cannon is so so so happy to be leaving the hospital and is smiling like crazy. The misery is over for now!

Cannon REMAINS cancer-free!!!

Thank you for everyone who gave their time to pray for our baby Cannonball.

We are leaving the hospital 51 days cancer-free. Scans are clear!!! And guess what? So is the bone marrow!!! Seriously, I don't know the last time I lived in so much fear. I've been so petrified. What a rough couple of days for everyone!! 

God heard ALL the prayers. How thankful I am to all of you! Some of you I've never met. What a gift you all are to our boy and to the world of pediatric cancer. Thankful, thankful, thankful for prayers! 

What a horrific three days. Goodbye week, hello weekend. Cannon is all excited to go to his best bud Connell's house tomorrow for his first birthday party! I hope he feels good tomorrow and he can have some fun with other kids. That's all he wants - to play - to be a boy!!!

Starving Cannon for the last three days before sedation and anesthesia has been so hard. He cries and signs for food and doesn't understand why he can't have  it. "Mum you have been trying to feed me for 18 months, why can't I eat now?" Cannon can't eat or drink before scans or bone marrow biopsy so this means that he was starving until 11:30am when he was put under.  It's hard on him. It's hard on ALL kids who get put under for anything. Since I can't really explain to Cannon or talk in conversation with him it's hard. 

I am so thankful the elephant has stepped off my chest! 

Goodbye, elephant...hello pot roast and mashed potatoes thanks to our amazing friend Mary Beth Mottern!

Have amazing weekend! ;) 

I can't wait to sleep tonight! ;) 

Written by Mumma-Bear

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