Prayers: No relapse JUST A Virus....

Yet again I am asking for prayers for my baby boy Cannonball. 

Prayers: NO relapse JUST a virus!

Cannon hasn't been feeling his best this past week or so. Since his scans he has been just more lethargic than usual. His appetite has decreased and he seems to only want watermelon and grapes (I remember the days where he wouldn't eat any fruit - almost a year). He has been having low grade fevers. 

A few days ago Cannon started limping really bad on his left leg. Deep breaths.... You may recall that is how we found Cannon's cancer: he limped on his left leg. You may also recall that Cannon's left leg was the last cancerous tumor to leave his body. So you can imagine the emotional turmoil of watching Cannon awaken from a nap and start limping. That, low grade fever and loss of appetite were exactly the three symptoms that led us to being diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma cancer.  

Why have I not written about it? Honestly, I couldn't. I just couldn't put energy into the thought of the bad, bad, bad "R" word (relapse). 

The stats are bad. You are told you have a 50 percent chance of becoming NED (No Evidence of Disease) and from the 50 percent that actually make it to NED, 50 percent of those will relapse. Most oncologists say that there is NO cure for relapse and that in effect you are BUYING TIME!!! So you can understand and hopefully empathize with me not wanting to write about this.

The problem is you don't get to live in denial with NB cancer. It's a beast!! The most evil beast! Giving you hope in NED and taking it back!!! 

So after many, many conversations over and over with Cannon's oncologist Dr. Susan Kelly who we trust and love dearly, we are keeping a VERY close eye on Cannon. Any changes and we're back in the hospital. Dr. Kelly says that the fever is not a usual symptom of relapse and that loss of appetite would be due to size of a tumor and his stomach and since we just did scans and no tumor was present in his stomach it most likely is a virus. That said, Dr. Kelly also said that she is taking this 'very serious' (not something she says often).

The reality is that the leg limping is awful and not a good sign. I'm not in denial about that BUT if we scanned Cannon every time he got a little fever, etc. then he would get so sick from all the radiation in his body.

Relapse is not a joke! So I ask, like I seem to always do, that you pray that Cannon is not relapsing and in fact has a virus. That no cancer is in his leg! 

It's been a rough rough few days emotionally for Michael and me. We are both strong and I am ever thankful to have my best friend and husband hug me and say it's going to be okay - because it has to be. Life without Cannon is not an option. 

Thank you in advance for prayers. I am ever, ever grateful for them, more than I can ever, ever show in writing. 

Written by Mumma-Bear

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