TV Interview and Foundation Update:

Today Michael and I were interviewed at our home for a local TV segment about pediatric cancer, the shortage of blood donors, lack of funding for research and the Cannonball Kids' Cancer foundation. 


Brian Shields, the weather anchor from WFTV and his amazing team were incredible. They made us feel so comfortable but way more importantly, they are ready to sign up and be part of Team Cannonball! What a gift. 

I confess, I got emotional when we spoke about how I had to leave Cannon 10 days after he was diagnosed to give birth to the twins. That's hard to talk about. Cannon was in the ICU having his first chemo after two surgeries and I had to go to the hospital across the street and deliver the twins. It was painful, but it's not about me. It's about lack of funding for pediatric cancer and that was always in the forefront of my mind. 

It is incredibly flattering to have a news anchor know everything about your story because he is an avid reader of your blog. He thanked me for it, but says he yells at his phone sometimes and can't read the blogs before he goes on TV as it's too emotional. But WAY, WAY more important to us is to meet a news anchor who is baffled by the lack of funding and wants to help, wants to be a part of the movement! That's the highlight for us - that's why I blog - that's why we talk about our experience: to get new people on board and get them mad enough about it that they don't just TALK about it - they DO something about it. I know Brian Shields is that person - a DOER, not a talker. 


What's Happening at Cannonball Kids' Cancer? 


There are HUGE things happening for Cannonball Kids' Cancer. I will spend the weekend reviewing an edited version of OUR book that is a collection of my posts. It's called "Thankful For The Fight" and we are! Still! Thanks to the amazing Debra Brett, our Chief Editor. She has spent hundreds of hours on this project - what an incredible woman and family! The book will be on sale for September pediatric cancer awareness month. All proceeds will go to Cannonball Kids' Cancer.


We will release an incredible calendar in November. I showed a sneak peak of it on the blog yesterday. Not to brag - ok, I might be bragging a little but.... it's amazing!! I am loving the images of families from all over the world wearing our T-shirt but bigger than that spreading the word on pediatric cancer, talking about it and changing the face of it! Joining the movement! 


Everything is geared toward September and the lack of funding so we have designed a t-shirt that is so cool. It will ask people to ask you about the T-shirt to spark conversation!!! That's what we want - EDUCATE to eradicate!! This will be released in August in time for pediatric cancer month.

Scottish Golf Day:

This is my husband's baby - he has friends from around the world coming. If you have silent auction items you would like to add to UK holiday makers who will come to Florida, please let us know by emailing us. Our efforts at CKC are worldwide. We have an incredible golf day and silent auction set up and we are hoping to raise around $50,000 that day! I can't wait!!! 

Scottish Fashion Show:  

We are also having a fashion show. Girls will wear CKC T-shirts and tutus and boys CKC T-shirts and kilts. This event is in Edinburgh, Scotland. Lesley Gould is our head organizer - she is rocking this and I can't wait to see the event! 


Our creative director Richard Johnson and I are collaborating with families to produce a campaign showing the REAL face of pediatric cancer. It's inspiring and we have BIG hopes for it! It's not smiles and balloons but you know that's not our style. ;) 

Early Detection:

Dr. Gregor Alexander, the founder of our local NICU at Winnie Palmer Hospital (said to be the largest in the country) is on Team Cannonball. He is working to help us figure out a way to detect cancer in babies. Listen people - did we think we could put a man on the moon? Nothing is impossible: the very word says "I'm possible"! This is not a pipe dream. I truly believe in our team and our cause! 

Residency Program: 

Angela Youtz and I are working on a presentation to the residency doctors in hospitals. The aim is to try and educate them on the importance of feeling for tumors in the stomach and other signs of early cancer detection in children. The idea being to be part of their thought process as they decide which field to go into but also for them to think about cancer as they examine stomachs and see symptoms before they get too tied up in the politics of working on pediatrics. 

Downloadable Presentation:

We are working on a presentation that will be downloadble from our site for volunteers to present locally, whatever state that may be. We have a UK one under way and now need help with the USA one. How can you help? If you're a wizard with PowerPoint and know about pediatric cancer and think you could help please email me at (This project is time-sensitive.) 

Publix - August 30th:

CKC will be outside Publix all day selling our books, handing out information booklets and taking donations. The event will be at the College Park, Orlando Publix. Detailed information coming soon as volunteers will be needed!

September Curefest: 

Team Cannonball will be back in DC for an event to raise awareness for pediatric cancer. More on that later.  

There are many more things, including myself and twin mother Ashley VanDerMark being asked to speak at a national conference in DC in 2015 about pediatric cancer: more education, less deaths, more funding!!!! It's happening people and it's HUGE and we need your help.

Please click on Donate and whether it's $1 or $1,000, every penny can make a difference in educating to create funds. If you don't a have a $1 and you want to donate time, please visit our website and fill in the volunteer application. Donations and time are equally important for our charity! With you we can change the face of pediatric cancer so that kids don't endure what my baby Cannon has. OUR baby - I can share. ;) 

Have an incredible weekend. 

Written by Mumma-Bear

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