August 10 - Cannon's Third Birthday.....

My baby is turning 3  - say what?


3rd Birthday Ideas....

Yes, Cannonball turns three on August 10. I can't believe it!! 

I am so thankful he gets to celebrate being three.

Last year on his birthday he was in ICU recovering from a 13 hour surgery, 5 days on a ventilator and delirium in New York, away from home. 

It was a hard time for our whole family including the twins, who my mum would bring to hospital so I could breastfeed and leave! It's truly a time in our life I choose to block out! It was horrific and I don't like talking about it- and with that I will stop talking about it. ;)

This time last year my heart was broken and I didn't know if I would ever get to plan another birthday party for Cannonball ever again!! Well, I do and boy oh boy am I thankful for that! 

This year my husband and I are raiding the piggy banks to take Cannon on a special trip! Let's face it, what kid doesn't like their parents all to themselves? Well my son Cannonball is no exception to the rule!!! So off to Scotland we all go for 11 days, just dad and Cannon and me. Olivia has school and the twins take me away from Cannon so this is a very special trip. It's Cannon's make-a-wish from mum and dad. ;) We will have a small family party in Scotland. I have planned something every day that is fun for Cannon from safari's (yes, there are safari's in Scotland), to soft plays and farms. As you can tell I am pretty excited.

Two of the days will be taken up by big fundraisers but the rest of the time is play play play. 

For those who have asked to send gifts I would ask that you donate to a good cause instead. If you would like to donate to Cannonball Kids' cancer great. If not, do something that touches your heart. There are so many great causes.  

If you would like to send Cannon a birthday card, the address is: 

P.O Box 547797

Orlando, FL 32854

I need birthday ideas for a three year old. Sunday August 10 will be an amazing day no matter what. It's hot in Florida so mornings or evenings would be the ticket! 

I considered bowling for the first time since he loves that at home. Let me know your thoughts. I'm ever grateful for the continued prayers of no evidence of disease! Although those words don't do justice for the true gratitude in my heart.  

Written by an excited mumma-bear 

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