4am - Home...

My Cannonball is home...


Cannon and I got home around 4am and went straight to bed. Cannon is still sleeping - however tweedle dee and tweedle dum were beautiful sunshines at 6am - unlike their old mumma-bear whose eyes are burning from lack of sleep. They never fail to make me smile, those boys of mine.

Cannon just has a virus - prayers answered, thank you so much!!!!  

All tests were negative for everything you can imagine - again prayers answered. If you prayed or thought of Cannon, thank you. Please pray he feels good when he wakes up and I see that smile all day long.  

Michael had to leave at 4am for a flight right as I got back so I am praying the boys all take a good nap at 2pm so Mumma Bear can lay down for an hour ;)) You know what happens when you plan, right? God laughs ;)

I have said it before: 

Educate to Eradicate: that's our mission. I don't believe it's a pipe dream - people can think I'm crazy. Hey, they thought putting a man on the moon was impossible. Just sayin'.

If we can put a man on the moon we can educate the world on pediatric cancer and ultimately destroy it!!!! 

I know WE as a team can change it!!!! I just do!  

Written by Mumma-Bear

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