Being A Big Brother....

Cannon being a big brother....


The boys and I were all on the front porch watching the rain.. That is one of our favorite things to do. The boys love watching the rain batter down and try to touch it. It's so adorable. 

Well... until Arran-James wanted to jump off the side of the porch and was put in a mini time out. Cannon went to the door and it was like he was telling him (banging on the window) ''you did this to yourself Arran-James if you had only listened to Mumma'' then Gray goes to the door and does the same thing. Raising these boys is by far my greatest joy, my greatest love, my greatest pleasure and above all that my greatest gift. 

I never envisioned my life would be so full of love like it is.  

As I just did my nightly check on the boys I'm reminded as they sleep all cozy in their OWN beds how incredibly lucky I am that ALL my babies are home and that I get to kiss them ALL goodnight! 

Feeling incredibly grateful tonight.  

Enjoy the pictures of my angels.  

Written by Mumma-Bear

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