The life of a child who lives in the cancer world.

Cannon has a port which is a small metal device inside his body. It is accessed to take blood and give meds. It goes directly to his heart. As a result, every time these kids in the battle to live (sometimes just longer, not forever) have a fever they need IV antibiotics and oftentimes overnight stays. If Cannon or any child with a port gets a fever it can indicate infection, which for a child with cancer can literally KILL them. So WE parents never take chances and neither do the doctors! 

Cannon and I are in ER. Blood samples have been taken from his port. He is very brave. I only know he is upset because TEARS run down his face. I know he is upset as he squeezes my hand every time someone touches him. As I wipe his tears away and hold his hand tight I eat my words when I once said ''I don't hate you cancer: instead I will beat you!'' I still plan on beating cancer into submission by educating worldwide on the horrific reality of kids' cancer. The world we all know so little about. But my feelings towards this wretched disease grows more towards anger in these moments. 

The reality: My head tells me is Cannon will be okay. But my heart says no child should be pulled from his bed at 12 at night and have a 3/4 inch needle put in his chest, blood collected, X-rays and be poked and prodded by many people - just to name a few! 

Please pray that Cannon gets home tonight and can sleep in his own bed and that his chest shows no signs of pneumonia.  Cannon has had diarrhea this week and low grade fever all week as well as a runny nose and chesty cough so I'm praying he is okay. I worry so much when he starts to lose his appetite since this can be signs for things you never want signs of as a mother of a child with stage 4 neuroblastoma.  

Cannon, you are my superhero. I'm the luckiest mumma-bear alive to be your mumma-bear.

Written by Mumma-Bear

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