Mumma-Bear is Finally Home...

Mumma-Bear is Finally Home...

After 5 nights in the hospital I am finally home to my hubby and four kids. 

I have an appointment next week to check my blood work at the oncologist's office. In two months I'm set to have another CT scan to monitor the enlarged lymph nodes. I am so happy with the oncologist Daniel Landau, a really smart man with amazing bedside manners! My husband and I both really liked him. Thankful he has taken on mumma-bear, I know I'm not the easiest patient.  ;) 

Dr. Landau believes that I had a severe reaction to an antibiotic which I was placed on after a small surgery I had a month ago. Dr. Landau told us that people can have really bad reactions to the point of near death to this type of antibiotic. I am thankful I made it to the ER and was put on steroids to help me. 

Ok, no more Mumma-Bear updates... back to Cannonball...

Cannon and I are off to Michigan Sunday-Friday. Cannon will have an MIBG, CT, hearing tests, bone marrow tests and begin his new chemo. He will undergo this low dose chemo for two years. I have mixed emotions about this trip - it's hard to think of Cannon going back on chemo, but that said, it's harder thinking of him not here so with that off to Michigan we go!!!

The week after we get back from Michigan we are off to Scotland. I can't tell you how ready I am for a trip with my family!!! 

When we get back from Scotland I will be hiring some part-time help with the boys. It appears I can't help run a foundation and look after four kids, be a wife and keep a house. I tried... God loves a trier! Makes me nauseous thinking of hiring help with my boys as up to this point I have not needed to. However, sometimes our body makes us do what our mind can't. It won't be easy but we will see how it goes: my husband's orders, he likes to think he is the boss. ;) 

I'm so thankful to so many people who helped me this past week. I am extremely blessed in my life and not a day goes past I don't know that and thank God for it! 

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