My Gratitude List

I like to write gratitude lists...


I like to write 'gratitude lists'...  they help keep things in perspective. 

My dad used to always tell me "there is always someone worse off than you, Mel."

As a teenage girl hearing that I use to think to myself "whatever, Dad." As a 30 year-old mother of four I have to agree with the old man.  ;)

Relfecting on the last week, my gratitude tank is overflowing.  

The night before I was released from the hospital, Michael and I were preparing for the worst. We knew doctors, hospitals and where I needed to go for treatment. I was as ready as I could be for "time to start chemo, Mrs. Wiggins." Michael kissed my head before he left for the night and said "We can do anything as a team babe." Nothing seems impossible with Michael by my side. He is the strongest man I know.  

However, Dr. Landau never uttered those words we prepared for. Instead, he said "Go home, we will put you on steroids and monitor you just to be on the safe side." Michael said "How often do you get to give someone this news?" Dr. Landau responded, "Well, today you're the only one that I get to give this news to." In that moment Michael and I held hands and smiled at each other and spoke silent words. We knew this was a gift! A gift our family needed. I could fight cancer, but I would much rather fight for pediatric cancer and I'm thankful that I can, do and will!!! 

I have always been of the school of thought that we MUST take bad and turn it into good. I never wanted to see what I saw happen to Cannonball, but I did. Life isn't what happens to you, it's what you do when it happens to you! 

I choose to fight for these kids who need us! I pray your child never gets cancer, but I hope that what Cannonball Kids' cancer Foundation does for pediatric cancer helps those that do!

September is childhood cancer awareness month and we will be everywhere talking about pediatric cancer and raising as much money as we can! 

If you would like to donate to pediatric cancer please click the donate button. Every penny helps and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Forego a Starbucks this week and donate $5. Can you image if 21,000 people did that?

I am so grateful that my husband and I have the dream team on team Cannonball Kids' cancer - I don't just THINK we will change the face of pediatric cancer - I KNOW we will!!!  

STILL Thankful for the fight!!!!!!!! 

Cannon and I are off to Michigan to have scans and start his maintenance chemo! Please pray for our trip and that all scans are clear!!! 


Written by Mumma-Bear

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