Suck It Up!

Suck it UP!!!!!!

Anyone have a wise woman in their life? I am one of those fortunate wee lassies who has one very wise woman. A mentor, a confidante, an advisor, someone to kick me in the butt when I need it, who takes me from self pity to action. 

My Miss Mary (and if you don't have one, get one), she isn't warm and fuzzy, she isn't a shoulder I cry on. No, she is a practical thinker, a woman who asks me not what I think but WHAT AM I DOING instead.

You see, we women think too much! We do! We over-analyze, waste energy and for what? 

Women, to which I am one, well, we're extremely complex creatures. Am I right ladies? An example, you say? Well, if we say things are "FINE", generally they aren't. ;) If we say "no, I don't need help, I've got it", generally we need help but are unwilling to ask, as God forbid we ever ask for help. We expect people to be mind readers, to know what we want, when we want it, how to ask to for it. You get the drift! It's no cherry pie being a woman, you know. It's a complex business. ;) We have such high expectations of others - truly, most of them could never be met. Why? Mostly because we hold ourselves to extremely high standards. 

We stay at home with kids and are pulled in many directions. If you work, Friday night doesn't mean movie and pizza. It generally means tidy the house, do laundry, attend a function (maybe), kids soccer games and well, thank God it's Monday again. ;) 

Bear with me - I have a point, honestly I do.

Right now I sit on a plane, my Cannonball (now 3) sleeping on my lap on our way to a new hospital, new doctors, a new place to stay, new city, more scans and bone marrow biopsies await us along with a new chemo that will be given to my baby for two years. So I have two options, ladies and gents: wallow in that self-pity that seems so incredibly enticing at times, or suck it up! I mean, no one would blame me if I wallowed. In fact, they would probably pat my back and tell me they couldn't imagine what we're going through. So it's absolutely a viable option. There is, however, another option. The suck it up option. My son is battling a beast - neuroblastoma does kill more kids than any other type of pediatric cancer. That we know. But should I let that beast beat me down emotionally to the point that I wallow? Nah!! I am a Scottish lassy. I have a backbone built of steel and with that backbone I choose to beat the... (yes I'm going to say it)... the shit out of pediatric cancer!! 

The reality is the self pity route is easier, it's softer, it's more gentle... but it won't defeat the beast of pediatric cancer!!

I confess the pediatric cancer world is not for the the soft-natured souls whom I love and admire (I have one of those in my children - but I am not one). The pediatric cancer world needs warriors, it needs fighters, it needs a team, a community like Cannonball Kids' cancer to beat it into submission! 

This trip to Michigan, which will be one of many over the next two years, is one step forward into beating cancer into submission! 

I have said it before and will keep saying it: This started with our baby boy Cannon. Diagnosed at only a year and a half old and has been fighting half of his life. But it will not end with him. This is only the beginning. Within the next two months, CKc plans to raise around $50,000 to put towards a fund to research and educate on pediatric cancer. 

So I choose to suck it up for all the kids currently battling cancer, who have earned angel wings, who beat cancer and also those not yet diagnosed! They need Mumma-Bear, but more importantly they need team CKc. Note we always use a small "c" for cancer - that's very deliberate! And anyone who uses a capital "c" on our team will be fired - joke - kind of. ;) 

September is pediatric awareness month! We need teams in the US and UK to have fundraisers and raise funds to help us help these kids who are dying daily! Please contact us via our website about raising funds for pediatric cancer.

We are working on presentations for those who wish to educate - they will be complete as soon as possible. Please know our team is working very hard behind the scenes. No one is a paid employee at CKc. Everything that you see is done by people who have families and jobs and they work for these kids who are fighting into the wee hours of the morning. So much sacrifice and dedication exists on our team. I could not be more proud to be part of it!!

Motto of the day: Don't think, just do! 

JOIN our team today!!! Let's beat cancer into submission - Cannonball style. 

Picture of Cannon and me from our flight! Lots of updates will be coming this trip - stay tuned!


Written by Mumma-Bear

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