Tomorrow Is Scan Day. Prayers, please!


Tomorrow is Scan Day. Prayers, please!

Tomorrow is a big day for Cannon. 

MIBG Scan, CT and a bone marrow biopsy. I can't lie, it's hard being here with no support system. I've had to do scans myself before with Cannon but afterwards we got to go to our home and own comforts. Being in a new place alone and going into scans is tough. That said, how fortunate I am that we can travel to help save Cannon's life and make sure he is alive to pay for me to retire... I mean go to college. ;) 

Tomorrow at 7am Cannon and I will head over to the hospital and scans should be around 10am ish. Cannon cannot eat or drink until everything is complete. It will be another long day like today. 

Cannon, myself and our new friends Oscar, Sally and their mumma-bear all hit the Children's Museum, the park and the library tonight. Cannon has so much energy - for the first time I am experiencing a real three year-old. The energy level is amazing! I am so proud of my Cannonball. He had a tough day at the hospital but that doesn't get him down. Off to the museum, library and park and he walked both ways which is at least a mile one way. Kind of remarkable when last year he wasn't even walking. His progress baffles me - I really need to stop being surprised by this incredible kid. 

Cannon and I will be back Friday and it's right back to work. I have a Cannonball Kids' Cancer board meeting to get things wrapped up before Scotland and then the weekend will be packing for us and planning for the twins while were gone. It takes a village, people. Can't wait to see the Gray and King clans! Miss them all very much! 

Please pray hard for clear scans - this is a hard time as we have been off-treatment now and neuroblastoma is a beast. So we really do need prayers! Share and like this page and pray for my baby boy.


Written by Mumma-Bear

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