Scan Day Is Over

Scan Day Is Over....Finally!!!

I'm mentally and emotionally spent! So thankful that today is over! We will get results tomorrow morning. Prayers for clear scans!! I am praying they are - I would like to think if they're not they would have called me. 

Cannon and I got done early today. We have not stopped since. Cannon didn't even nap today. In fact, he just fell asleep at 6:30pm which means it's going to be a late one here. ;) 

Cannon and I went to the river today and he threw stones for over an hour. It was so cool to watch as I did that growing up! Then we found a foundation and played there. Next was to the public downtown museum which was so much fun!! However, I don't advise 5 times in a row on the carousel - Mumma-Bear was very dizzy but Cannon wanted to keep going and going, LOL. Watching his amazement at the carousel was just such a huge joy of my day. 

After we left the museum my son, who now doesn't ever go in the stroller, walked all the way back to the hospital area and we went to the library, which was fun. Aside of the library there is a construction site and the machines were in operation. Cannon popped his butt down on the curb and watched them. Again, his amazement at these machines he has in toy form was just a joy! 

Thank you for all the prayers. 

Tomorrow if (when) Cannon's scans come back clear we will take his first dose of chemo. Two pills, I believe! We will crush them and see how he does. Prayers he takes them fine!

Again, thank you for the prayers. I will update soon.

I am one beat Mumma-Bear tonight! 


Written by Mumma-Bear

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