Results Are In!

Bone marrow clear – check!

MIBG clear – check!

CT scan clear – check!

First two oral chemo drugs taken – check!


Grateful? I mean, what can I say? There are few words that could explain the joy in my heart and soul. 

In two years this will all be over. Cannon will get to start Kindergarden like a regular kid! I am saying it - I am believing it!!!!!


Cannon is very tired - a little cranky from basically going from 7am- 1am daily!! Last night was yet another 1am sleepy time. 


I am sooooo tired. :) I am actually living for tomorrow's nap - can I say that out loud, LOL?  But SOOOOOOO happy with today's results that I gave Dr. Giselle a huge, big hug!! 


Cannon got to play with Oscar, his little friend who is battling cancer, too! I will be sad not to see him for a while – he and Cannon just hit it off! They rub each other's heads, it's so cute!!!


Cannon and I leave for our flight in a few hours. We should be home by 10pm tonight. My own bed… aghhhhhhh!!!! Oh, and Cannon in his room with a gate is also a highlight - this three year-old of mine is kicking my butt. :)


Roll on, Scotland!!! Excited for our events to raise funds for pediatric cancer, not to mention Dad's homemade soup and Mum's steak pie!!!


Written by Mumma-Bear

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