Ready, Aim, Cannonball!!!

We have our sights set and our aim is steady! Our target, as many of you may know, is to eliminate all forms of childhood cancers, and we will achieve this goal through education and awareness. When we started Cannonball Kids' cancer, we all made it our mission to level the playing field for children around the world fighting this extremely unforgiving enemy.

I have not had the pleasure of meeting most of you but I would like to introduce myself to the Cannonball Community. My name is Rich Johnson, and I am the Creative Director for CKc. Like many of you, I was moved by Cannon's story and felt compelled to help the Wiggins in any way possible. I to was drawn to the "no holds barred" realness in every post by our very own Mumma-Bear (Melissa), Michael, and Ashley. They showed me that childhood cancer was more than just cute kids with bald heads, and that our government thinks these children are only worth 4%. Regardless of the insulting and scary statistics, I continue to be absolutely amazed by the commitment and passion that is the Cannonball Community. It is because of this support we are motivated and truly inspired to declare war on all pediatric cancers!

Let's be honest for a second and point out that there is no shortage of non-profits and charities taking on this exact cause. Because of this, CKc took a step back and defined our mission, our strategy and our brand. We all agreed that our in-your-face, unapologetic attitude is what sets us apart from other charities. If we were going to be forced into a fight, you better believe we are going to throw some punches! We want to present the facts regardless of how hard they are to see or hear. In order to ensure we are able to do this, we must propel our message by protecting our brand and setting style guides, rules, and limits on our logo, images, and assets. This has to be done carefully as to not limit *your* passion and ability to be the most helpful.  My personal goal with CKc is to make sure people recognize and trust our brand and message, while empowering the Cannonball Community with the tools they need to spread the message. That being said, we can not have people producing, selling, or creating unofficial Cannonball Kids' cancer graphics, T-shirts, or fundraisers without written permission from a CKc board member.

On our site we will be providing you with all the tools you need to start the conversation. If at any moment you have an idea or would like to see something on the site, please write us and we will do our very best to make it happen if it promotes and enhances our core mission. Please keep in mind that these rules are not to limit you, but to make sure you have the absolute best and most accurate resources at your disposal. These guidelines will foster public trust in our organization and prove to others that we are in this fight until that day when parents won't have to hear "Your child has cancer."


Much Respect

Rich Johnson, AD