A Child's Prayers...

There is something so special about a child's prayers for another sick, suffering child. I think God hears all our prayers but I believe their prayers are stronger than any. When the twins took their morning nap yesterday Cannon and I sat down to say some prayers... 



Sadly, Cannon has many friends who are in need of prayers. 

When Cannon is in need of prayers my close friends have their kids light candles and they all pray or do the rosary. So I thought it was fitting for Cannon and I to sit down and do it for two kids close to us that need it.  

When Cannon was in treatment I met a family who continues to inspire me daily with their pediatric cancer efforts. I also met their son, Ethan! Ethan was diagnosed in the 8th grade with Ewing Sarcoma. After surgery and many, many months of chemo and long stays at the hospital he was given the all clear. His parents (goosebumps as I type this) are advocates, not just in the sense that they advocate for kids' cancer but they advocate for the most important thing - their son. They didn't remove his port after he had the all clear because there seemed to be a platelet issue. They stuck to their guns and they said "no" and asked "why". I admire that they did so. Only a few months after being clear, Ethan has had complications and now, due to the harsh chemo drugs (Cannon also had the same drug), he has contracted a blood disorder. Ethan has to have a bone marrow transplant - you all recall how hard transplant is! Truly the most horrific thing I've ever watched and experienced. Watching your child be as close to death as possible in order to bring him back to life is horrific. Ethan will be inpatient for months and in isolation like Cannon was. My heart aches for their family but mostly for Ethan. Ethan will miss his entire freshman year of high school. Can you imagine how he feels? Now this wasn't because of the cancer. Oh no, it's because of the treatment!!!! We need to do better!! Treatements that solve one problem and lead you to transplant are not good enough for adults and certainly not our most precious possessions - our children. So I ask, please pray for Ethan. Please go to his Facebook page "Yellow For Ethan" and pray for him!! He needs so many prayer warriors. I know Cannon has the most amazing prayers warriors. 

I also need you to pray for 4 year-old Prestun. Prestun and Cannon both have been battling stage 4 neuroblastoma. Prestun was diagnosed at 3 just a few months before Cannon was diagnosed. Preston's mum is an incredible woman and has been helping me with my decision to do DFMO (chemo in Michigan). Prestun is just a few weeks ahead of Cannon in treatment and this past week went to Michigan to do pre-scans to start the trial, exactly what Cannon and I will do in two weeks. Prestun's mum just posted some very sad news that the scans showed the neuroblastoma was back. She is devastated. We are told in the beginning we have a 50/50 chance it will come back and that if it does, it is not cured but it's buying time. I choose to believe Prestun will beat this relapse!! I believe in the insane ability of prayer and I know that if I ask you all to pray you will do it for these kids. I know many of you go to church, many light candles, many do the rosary!!! We need all of that!!! Please pray hard for Prestun and his mumma bear. Prestun's page is "Prestun Seibel Journey Kickin Neuroblastoma Butt".

Right now I am being vetted to speak at a national conference in DC. If I get it I will share more info, I promise. ;) They asked me what would my presentation be and what would my headline be? I said "Never be afraid to ask why?" Being an advocate for our children is the greatest and most important job of our life. I was confused by that at one point. The pull between stay-at-home mum and becoming a partner in a law firm can be challenging but it's clear as day to me that no job is as important as raising four incredible kids. I don't need them to be doctors and lawyers - I need them to be hard-working, try their best, treat people well and help those less fortunate. If they do those things I've done my job. If they haven't, I may not have done my job. ;) Point is, these two kids I mention have parents who fight, who ask why, who question doctors and don't just blindly trust. Blind trust has no place in the mind of a cancer parent! It's do or die, sadly!!! Please pray for these children and their parents. Follow their journeys - they need us! 

Slowly this page will be fazing out Cannon updates and be the Foundation update page. Yep, the Board is kicking me out, lol. A democracy, you gotta love it. Hopefully Cannon won't need too many prayers except for his routine scans while he undergoes the next two years of chemo treatment in Michigan.


Written by Mumma-Bear

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