We are Whipping Childhood cancer!

We have accepted the #WhippingChildhoodCancer challenge to honor the 46 kids diagnosed with cancer, and the 7 who lose their battle every day.  All it takes is a pie to the face and then donate $7 to a childhood cancer charity & challenge 7 of your friends. If you don’t do it in 46 hours, you are asked to donate $46 instead, and still tag 7 friends to challenge. Visit whippingchildhoodcancer.com to get all the details!! Let's whip childhood cancer and see how much money we can raise for research!!

Our aim is to raise awareness around the 46 children diagnosed and 7 lost every day to pediatric cancer in the U.S. You have 46 hours to complete the following challenge. You must record a video of yourself taking a pie to the face (can be a paper plate with either whipped cream or shaving cream). Once completing the challenge you must choose a pediatric cancer charity to donate $7 to and tag/challenge 7 friends (46 if you’re feeling really bold!) to make their own pie in the face video. If you’re unable to complete the challenge within 46 hours, you must donate $46 and tag/challenge 7 friends.
Be sure to explain the 46/7 statistic in your video. 46 kids diagnosed every day, and 7 die from pediatric cancer.
— whippingchildhoodcancer.com/