Childhood cancer Awareness (Action) Month - Day 12

Kids With cancer at School


This is Michael. Yesterday I wrote about Cannon and his brothers going to preschool, and both the joy and sadness that unfortunately are evident when we think of the ability of Cannon to walk into that building and play with other children. Cannon is now 3 and old enough to be asked to do small tasks or shown how to do things and be expected to replicate them, and for this week Melissa has asked him to hold Gray's hand and walk with him into the preschool at St. Vincent's Academy in our little neighborhood of College Park in Orlando. Cannon has done this, and we hope to have a picture soon of Cannon and Gray walking hand-in-hand into their schoolrooms (Arran is perfectly happy to still be carried in by mum).   When I think of Cannon walking in to the school with Gray, I also think of him walking in there for all the others who aren't here and have passed from children's cancer. I would like to think he is holding the hands of those children unnecessarily lost to cancer. We are losing these children to cancer because not enough is known about what causes it, why the 12 major types of children's cancer are different than adult cancers, and how to effectively treat it to stop it before it causes death to our kids.    We must push on until ALL children have an opportunity, cancer diagnosis or not, to walk into their school rooms and attend school with the other kids.

Childhood cancer Awareness Fact of the Day:   

On average, 1 in every 4 elementary schools has a child with cancer. The average high school has 2 students who are current or former cancer patients.   SOURCE:   

More than 40,000 children undergo treatment for cancer each year.  SOURCE:

1 in 4 elementary schools? 2 kids in every high school? Wrong. Just wrong. As I have said before, one of my wishes would be for everyone to have an opportunity to walk the halls of a children's hospital and see what happens on the oncology floor. See the kids with cancer lying in their beds. See a 5 year-old boy pulling his own drug pump with chemo bags down the hall so that he can go to the play room. See a parent pulling a wagon with an infant being infused with chemotherapy down the hall, the drug pump trailing behind the wagon. Or walk the hall late at night or early in the morning and hear a child cry in pain continuously behind a closed door, or hear him try to catch his breath because the vomiting won't stop. This is the life of infants, children and kids with cancer. Please help Melissa and me and all the parents of children with cancer and all those advocating for these kids. Help us increase awareness so that someday, someday cancer in children will be no more. Thank you

Saint Peregrine, JoeJoe, Eddie, Nicholas, Bella, Talia, Cole, Erin, Gabriella, Tommy, Addison, Abigail, Christopher, Jayson, Landon, Salvatore, Zoe, Brooke, Laney and all the angels and saints, please pray for Cannon, Patrick, Ethan, Princeton, Ava, Sabrina, Sophia, Sophie, Andy, Calin, Parker, Ayven, Sebastian, Ellen, Ella, Austin, Braden, Nora, Nate, Theo, Maggie, Jacob, Gage, Jace, Makayla, Angel and all those who suffer from cancer.