Childhood cancer Awareness (Action) Month - Day 18

This is Michael. Melissa and I were talking about Cannon’s visit to clinic today, and Melissa will be posting later today. I still want a fact about children's cancer to be out there for everyone. Today’s graphic says it all and is the fact for the day.

Are we against adult cancers or somehow advocating “for kids” and “not for adults”? No. We just want children to receive the same attention and have the same resources available to conquer their sufferings as adults have. 70% of all adult cancer diagnoses at age 65 or older, and we put 96% of the resources there? Shameful.

For ALL the parents who have lived this personal hell, have lost a child unjustly to children's cancer or are battling every day not to, please help raise awareness, please donate blood, please donate time, money and effort to fund children's cancer research so that someday, someday... cancer in children will NEVER exist. 

Stand up for children with cancer.   Go Gold in September and show your support and tell the world, or whoever will listen, how you have learned how unjustly children are treated compared to adults with cancer. Stand up.