Childhood cancer Awareness (Action) Month - Day 21

Cancer in children is NOT rare

This is Michael. Today is Sunday, and I am so thankful to all of the people who are going Gold for September and helping Melissa and me spread the word about the facts of pediatric cancer and the need for research dollars and more clinical trials to eradicate cancer from the world of so many children. I would like to address the "rarity" of pediatric cancer. As we have posted before, the average is that cancer will strike "only" 1 in every 300 children, but what is the cost? Of course, the word "rare" is a relative term, and "rare" only has meaning if it is not a child in your family. But is it really rare if the cost to a child and to society is the loss of an entire productive life? No, and this is exactly why we as advocates say and continue to scream that the productive years lost to children who die from cancer is equivalent in many circumstances to the amount of productive years lost to adult cancers.  

Children's cancer Awareness Fact of the Day:  

The average age of an adult when diagnosed with the average age of all adult cancers is 67 and the average numbers of years lost to an adult who dies of cancer is less than 10; but the average age of diagnosis of a child with cancer is 6 and the number of years of life lost to cancer for a child that dies is in excess of 70. 70+ years lost! This is why Dr. Eugenie Kleinerman, head of the division of pediatrics at Children's Cancer Hospital at MD Anderson Cancer Center stated that “curing childhood cancer is the equivalent of curing breast cancer in terms of productive life years saved.” When children die of cancer they are robbed of growing up, marrying, having children of their own, creating something beautiful the world has never seen, or even discovering a cure for cancer. 


See more of Dr. Kleinerman in this short video  

Please help Melissa and me and all the parents of children with cancer and all those advocating for these kids---help us increase awareness and action, so that someday, someday cancer in children will be no more. Thank you.

Saint Peregrine, JoeJoe, Eddie, Nicholas, Bella, Talia, Cole, Erin, Gabriella, Tommy, Addison, Abigail, Christopher, Jayson, Landon, Salvatore, Zoe, Brooke, Laney and all the angels and saints, please pray for Cannon, Patrick, Ethan, Princeton, Ava, Sabrina, Sophia, Sophie, Andy, Calin, Parker, Ayven, Sebastian, Ellen, Ella, Austin, Braden, Nora, Nate, Theo, Maggie, Jacob, Gage, Jace, Makayla, Angel and all those who suffer from cancer.