Childhood cancer Awareness (Action) Month - Day 29



This is Michael. We are two days away from the end of the month, but we want everyone to know that all of us at CKc will ALWAYS be engaged in the fight for kids with cancer and to try to prevent our kids in the future from ever suffering the hell of having cancer. When I write this, I think of our visit to Washington, DC in June to lobby Congress for more funding for research for children's cancers. When Melissa and I did this, we were part of a group of 19. As the day progressed, I came to realize that of the 19 parents or family members in the room—all speaking up and pleading for a vote to increase the NIH budget so that more funds could go to cancer research—15 of them had already lost their child. 15 of the 19. Only two sets of parents, including Melissa and me, still had a child living with cancer! Incredibly sad but inspiring for this reason:  Nineteen people in that room knew that even if the Congressman or Congresswoman voted for the increase, the research conducted in the future would never change what had already occurred with our children (and for Cannon, almost likely never to have any benefit for him). Yet, the passion was still there to change the status quo of so little being done for pediatric cancer! Use this as inspiration and fight hard and let the world know and then ACT--- for kids.

Childhood cancer Awareness Fact of the Day:  The National Cancer Institute calculates that curing childhood cancers would be comparable, in the number of years of life saved per child, to curing breast cancer in adult women. Today, success in adult cancers is measured in months, yet success in childhood cancers of all types is still measured in years. 

Source:  Kathleen Ruddy, Executive Director, St. Baldrick's Foundation

As we head towards October, and National Breast cancer Awareness Month, please remember this fact. We support breast cancer awareness. We have close friends who are currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer or are survivors. We admire the effort of the breast cancer movement and pray that someday, children's cancer awareness and the success seen in breast cancer research and treatment is equaled by that in children's cancers. It can happen. It did with with breast cancer. 

Please help Melissa and me make the general public more aware.  Send a link from St. Baldrick's, Alex's Lemonade Stand, CureSearch, or Cannonball Kids’ cancer to all of your friends and those on your email list. Doing so will ultimately increase funds to charitable foundations in small, but sometimes big, ways. Increase in funds to charitable groups and foundations means more and broader research into why children's cancer occurs and trying to find a cause, and in the interim, less painful and more effective treatment so that kids currently suffering from cancer have a better chance to live to be an adult. In honor of all the children lost to cancer every single day and to honor the pain suffered in the hearts of families who have lost a child, a sibling, a niece or nephew, grandchild or godchild to cancer--- help us make people aware that cancer strikes children and we need help to fund more research to bring an end to it.

Take 5 minutes and watch this video:

These are the faces of kids with cancer.  

September is still here. Stay strong in the effort! Stand up for kids with cancer! Stand up!