Childhood cancer Awareness Month -Day 6



This is Michael. Today is Saturday, our last full day in Scotland, and today is a "Cannon" day. We are taking Cannon to a children's play and petting farm in a town called Ayr, and then in the afternoon we will take him to the Scottish AirShow. Just recently, Cannon started pointing to airplanes and big trucks and buses, and he now gets very excited when he sees the big British double decker bus going through town, or a big piece of construction equipment. Hopefully, he will love the planes at the air show and can withstand the noise level. I have to say that these are the moments of gratitude that I have spoken of before--- Cannon is NED and we continue on the trial to prevent relapse, but to have moments like the past 10 days with Cannon is to be filled with so much thanks to be able to watch this child run, smile, play and look back at Melissa and me as if to say "Look, look, look what I see!" To everyone that reads this page, and all the others literally worldwide that have supported our family, my thanks forever to allow us to experience with Cannon his 3rd birthday here and to have a day like today.

Today's Child Cancer Awareness Fact:   The number of diagnosed cases of children’s cancer has not declined in 20 years. The incidence rate of cancer occurring in our children has risen 29% over that time period. That means that more kids are being diagnosed with cancer per 100 children than were being diagnosed as of 1990.  SOURCE: 

A few comments about this fact. First and foremost, this is a fact that most people will want to disbelieve; they will shake their head and say "Really?" or "Can that be right?" It is. And the reason they likely shake their head is because we supposedly live in the age of modern and technology-driven medicine, and most disease incident rates, including those of adult cancers, are declining, not rising. We have had some say that perhaps we should not be so concerned with a cure for pediatric cancer as the cause and should just shoot for lower targets of better therapies. We want both. It's time. In fact, it's well past time. I want everyone to appreciate that when I speak and write about "curing" and ridding the world of cancer, I am directly talking to both curing those kids already suffering unjustly from cancer, AND finding the cause of pediatric cancers so that they never afflict another child again. The fact that the number of children struck by cancer has not decreased in 20 years is both sad and maddening. Part of the reason is due to the complexity of genomics and cell structures and how cancer begins and invades. But most of it, I suspect, is because of the lack of funding of research for children's cancer. I will have a lot more to say about this in future posts this month, but this truth is simply appalling. Failure to help the most innocent of children and allowing them to suffer painful treatment and death, on purpose (by choosing to fund elsewhere or not at all) is just plain disgusting and wrong. 

Saint Peregrine, JoeJoe, Eddie, Nicholas, Bella, Talia, Cole, Erin, Gabriella, Trenton, Tommy, Addison, Abigail, Christopher, Jayson, Landon, Salvatore, Zoe, Brooke, Laney and all the angels and saints, please pray for Cannon, Patrick, Ethan, Princeton, Ava, Sabrina, Sophia, Sophie, Andy, Calin, Parker, Ayven, Sebastian, Ellen, Ella, Austin, Braden, Nora, Nate, Theo, Maggie, Jacob, Gage, Jace, Makayla, Angel and all those who suffer from cancer.