Homeward Bound - Back to Reality

Homeward Bound - Back To Reality...

As I type we are on our first of two plane rides to get back to Orlando, Florida - home. 

Michael is busy working on office material, Cannon is fast asleep and I am writing notes for some childhood cancer presentations coming up this month. I am incredibly proud of how hard Michael works - every day, even on vacation he does email and takes conference calls. Such an attractive trait to me to be married to an incredibly hard working man. Throughout all of Cannon's treatment he worked every day on his laptop and took calls - an inspiration to me! 

Something about being home in Scotland where I was raised, educated and worked does something to me. My head feels clear, my heart feels full and my body lighter. 

Homemade meals and laughs with my family as Michael and I watch our son happier than we have ever seen him - EVER!! My Miss Mary pointed out "he has no fears in Scotland". No fear of going to hospitals.

A few weeks ago, as a treat after Michael's and my date night, we came home and picked up Cannon for some frozen yogurt. Cannon began to get fearful as it was nighttime and we were taking him somewhere. He started to cry and looked in so much fear. You see, Michael and I would take him for his painful antibody therapy on Sunday evenings and that's what he thought was happening. My heart hurt seeing him that way. Just one example of the impact cancer has had on our baby boy. 

I have not seen one temper tantrum, one fearful look or one shed tear this entire trip. Not one! When I say Cannon smiled from sun up until sun down I truly mean it! My family and Michael and I just enjoyed every giggle, every smile - every single second - for WE all know that some families only dream of what we have today.

While in Tesco, possibly the world's greatest food store with my Auntie Jean, the lady store teller asked if we were having a birthday party (we were buying birthday cake) and my Auntie Jean proceeded to tell her about Cannon and his journey. The response was "oh, that's your worst nightmare isn't it." In a kind and loving manner I told her simply this: "No". It isn't the world's worst thing. The world's worst thing would be if they said "Cannon has 6 months to live" or if I got a call that Cannon was killed in a horrific accident. I went on to explain I was extremely thankful for the fight, that we had a chance to save Cannon and I believe he will be cancer-free for the rest of his life. 

Little did the store teller know that my Auntie Jean was one of those mothers that received that call. She was told her son Charles had died in a terrible accident at 22 years old. I think of her and my mum who lost my brother and my auntie Charlotte who lost her son daily!! I remain thankful for the fight for three of the bravest most incredible women I know!! I pray someday I can be as strong and brave as they are. I'm blessed to call them my family. 

Some call it an attitude of gratitude. I believe Michael and I have been given that gift! Truly enjoying every smile and giggle like it could be the last we see. 

I hope this blog alludes to the lightness in my heart today. I feel like a new woman and I know Cannon, Michael and I are happier than ever.

Tomorrow is back to reality. Cannon has bloodwork at Arnold Palmer Hospital first thing to make sure all is well with the new low dose oral chemo DFMO. So tomorrow, bright and early, Cannon and the twins and I will head to his appointment. 

Tuesday Cannon will start his official first day of nursery school. Not summer school but the real deal. He has two new teachers which I'm a little nervous about but I love his school. I love Julieann and I know she knows what's best for my baby. Tuesday night I will have the curriculum meeting for Cannon and the twins. Is it sad I'm excited about having such a normal activity on my calendar? I love teaching and activities with the boys at home so it will be great to see what I get to work on with them. I'm such an education freak so this is my thing.

Wednesday night Olivia, who is a senior Varsity volleyball player at Bishop Moore (State Champion team two years in a row) will play and Michael and I finally get to see a game. I need to find a sitter. ;) 

It's such a pleasure to be blogging about normal activities. Oh, how I have yearned for this time. 

The picture is my husband and I yesterday on Ayr Beach, Scotland. You can tell by our smiles that we have a lightness to us. I have so loved every minute with my husband. Our marriage has been battered like many are by the realities of life these past years. Thankfully we are stronger than before. I am one of the luckiest lassies alive that he is my teammate. Michael and I are passionate about childhood cancer and will continue the fight along with other parents and advocates. 

Can't wait to see Olivia and the twins tonight! Thank you to my incredible chosen family in Orlando for looking after our angels, making them laugh and keeping them safe. I couldn't be more grateful! Without all of you this trip wouldn't have happened - thank you so very much!!!


Written by Mumma-Bear

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