Meet Alex: Prayer Request

I met Alex when Cannon was at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children. Cannon was in chemo and so was Alex. Alex actually celebrated her "Last Chemo Ever" when Cannon and I were on the floor.

Alex had severe leg pain in 2012 and went to the hospital to find tumors on her femurs and pelvis. Sadly, when it was found, the cancer stage 4. Alex was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma which is the second most common bone cancer in children under 18. Around 70 percent of children with ES will beat it. However, children 15-19 have a harder time and their survival is usually only somewhere around 56 percent. 

Alex was diagnosed at age 15 and is now 17. After chemotherapy, radiation and surgeries Alex beat cancer! She was NED. Sadly, Alex has relapsed for the second time.

A week ago her mother Tricia was told by doctors "there is nothing else we can do". Alex is now home on hospice with her family. 

Alex has exhausted every treatment available. There is nothing else left. 

She is utterly gorgeous inside and out. It's difficult writing this post - I cannot imagine the pain in her family's heart but mostly in Alex's. Alex doesn't want to die! 

I am writing this post to ask for prayers for a miracle for this sweet girl from Lake Mary! She has fought so very hard for two years. 

You can follow her journey at "Fight For Alex". Please do pray for her and pray for a miracle. 

Written by Mumma-Bear

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