CKc Card Club Questions and Answers

So by now almost everyone except maybe 10 people should have their Card Club packet.

To-date I have sent out 75 packets to 19 states and 3 countries. I am slowly (Ha!) working towards all states in the USA and some other countries including Australia and Germany. 

Yesterday I put together the attached question and answer document to make this as simple as is possible. That said, please do not hesitate to contact me by email at and I will do my best to respond within 24 hours if possible. 

I am super excited about the Card Club and can't wait to hear and see all the events around the U.S. 50,000 kids are fighting in the hospital today in the U.S. alone. Just think of the smile you will create on their face! I know that the smiles plus funding research is motivating me. 

Thank you to all who requested a package. We at CKc are very excited about this initiative and hope you are, too. 

Anyone who wishes to host an event please email me and I will get packages out ASAP.

Written by Mumma-Bear

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