Meet Jase: He Needs Prayers

This is Jase. I met Jase at CHOP when Cannon and Jase were in transplant. Jase was just a few rooms down and his mother and I supported each other during that awful time! Jase is as cute as a button and was, well... a lot happier than Cannon. He was so smiley! 

Jase was diagnosed at 8 months old. When I met him he had just turned one.

Jase is fighting PNET, a brain cancer. He has had 12 surgeries to-date and just had one today. 

If Jase can survive 10 more months he would be allowed to do radiation. His family is praying for that, but doctors don't think he can make it that long! 

Sadly, Jase has relapsed twice. Surgeries are no longer an option now. 

Jase's parents are amazing military members and have done exactly that... FIGHT for their son, FIGHT for him to live!!! 

Jase has been given a 15 percent chance of survival. I am writing to ask that YOU ALL pray for Jase! He is a happy, gorgeous boy and not much older than my twin boys. We all know miracles can happen!! Let's pray for one and believe it! 

Please pray that Jase, who is now 2, beats this awful brain cancer and that he lives a life of love and happiness with his brother and parents! 

You can follow his journey and progress at 'Praying for Jase'.

He needs prayers!

Written by Mumma-Bear

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