Anonymous Donor Gives Love To CKc On Valentine's Day!

It's seriously a skill to type through tears!!! Especially the really happy ones... I clearly need to buck up, these kids are making me too darn soft, LOL.

Some crazy, amazeballs person - an anonymous donor - contacted Art From The Heart and donated a painting so that Cannonball Kids' cancer could have one, even though we didn't win. We were the runner-up to the incredible foundation Braden's Hope For Childhood Cancer, run by a remarkable mother Deliece that I have known since Cannon was at CHOP last year, well before this competition. We texted each other after it was over and said what an incredible, incredible day it was for pediatric cancer!!! Take that cancer! (Deliberately never capitalized.) 


Can I just say wow?!

It's not unusual for these paintings to go for $25,000. How incredibly kind, and to do it anonymously? I just... I don't know what words to use right now, only to say that whomever you are, you are an example to me. Thank you for being an example of a kind heart and a humble one! Incredibly humble. I'm inspired by you today and I am still very determined!!!

Now, to Jeffrey and Julie (mumma-bear), I have said it before but we at CKc were honored just to have the opportunity to even compete for the painting. 

Jeffrey has now donated $1.3 million in artwork to charities and he is only 19. Please consider visiting his website and looking at his work. Incredible!!!

So happy!!!

Happy Valentine's Day to CKc!


What a day!