Cannonball Kids' cancer Card Club

Ok, I have to start with this - totally off topic... Cannon and I began the journey to big boy pants today! That's right! Today Cannon has not worn a diaper. After 5 solid hours of 5 minutes on the potty and 5 minutes off the potty he finally peed in the potty!! Am I bragging? You bet! This is huge for Cannonball. This time last year he was on a feeding tube and going through extremely painful treatment to beat cancer.

Tonight I did what all mothers fear, I left the house with him in big boy underwear (pants to my UK friends and underwear to my American ones). Tonight Cannon stayed dry in public. I was prepared with new underwear and pants but did he need it? That would be a no. Can I have a high five on that? 

I digress. Apologies...

Tonight we had our first ever Card Club event at St. Vincent's Academy. Some call it the best preschool in Orlando. I know this... they are the best for my family! Since the date Cannon was diagnosed they have prayed, raised funds, raised awareness and given my sons more love than I knew was possible. Julieann Campese is an incredible director as are all the teachers! I am ever grateful for their support.

Tonight we held true to our mission for the Card Club.

Smiles. Funds. Awareness.

We have lots of cards to send next week when the glue dries. Kids sure do like glue, don't they? ;) Smiles all around!

Funds towards our goal of reaching $100,000 for our brain cancer trial.

Awareness that kids get cancer, too and the horrific nature of the treatment!!

My heart is happy tonight.

Potty training and Card Club - that's a wrap!

Goodnight and thank you for all who continue to support our mission. I personally am ever grateful.

Written by Mumma-Bear

Cannonball Kids' cancer

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