It's Just Pizza... Or Is It?

Tonight Michael got home from travel. He has traveled almost every day of the last two weeks and so we decided to celebrate. The boys sure miss him and I do, too (most days). 

We have never as a family been out to eat pizza. Since Cannon's treatment he has become so fussy with his food. Before treatment he would eat anything. Chemotherapy specifically changes the taste buds and talking kids say that most things taste like pennies. As a result we just never eat out as a family. However, lately at home Cannon has seemed a little more willing to try things. He had never eaten pizza for me. 

Tonight we thought we would try taking all 6 of us out to eat. We went to NYPD Pizza which has kids eat free on Wednesday and get to make their own pizza. I knew, or thought I knew, that Cannon wouldn't eat the pizza. Recently he didn't eat it at his school party as every other kid devoured it and Cannon just sat there. So I ordered a pasta dish for him praying he would eat with us.

Did he eat the pasta? You bet...

But only after two slices of pizza!


It's JUST pizza... or is it?

I must be growing soft but I welled up. I told Michael how happy my heart was to be eating with all my kids and with Cannon just being part of the family and eating with us. 

Most would take that moment for granted but not me. I pencilled it in my diary when I got home and will never forget the first night I ate dinner out with my whole family. No feeding tube, no bald head, no vomit, no diarhea... just my kids, my husband and me.

It's JUST pizza.... or is it?


Side note: Mark your calendars for April 19th, everyone. Yes, that was the date we heard for the first time "Your son has stage 4 cancer, he has a 50/50 chance."

Well, we are having a HUGE celebration. We'll be closing down Ivanhoe Road and hosting a fundraiser to fund our research project for pediatric brain cancer.

Mark your calendars! More details to come. 

Written by Mumma-Bear

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