It's Called LIFE... ER visit

Last night was filled with 5 hours at ER, steroids, oxygen, IV, breathing treatments, X-rays and being sent home with steroids and inhalers.

Our son Gray, 20 months, was wheezing so badly and gasping for air. He was scared and I was panicked. The pediatrician directed us to the ER. Thank you Arnold Palmer Hospital, nurses and doctors. They saw his sat levels were really low in the 80's (should be 100) and within a few minutes he was on oxygen and getting an IV of steroids to lessen the tightness in his chest that was causing him to have such a hard time breathing. 

Of course as you can imagine, three people holding Gray down for an IV line and oxygen and cables all over him was very scary for him. For me, of course,I understand high blood pressure and the amazing things steroids and oxygen can do and by 8pm we were back home. 

It was scary but I knew what to do and how to support Gray. Cannon was diagnosed at 20 months old and many memories came flooding back. I kept my cool and prayed fervently. I prayed on the way to the hospital, in the hospital and on the way home. 

I was up with Gray giving him meds during the night and he seems to cope well with the steroids and inhaler. 


It's life. It's just life...

I didn't sit in the hospital thinking "God, give me a break, really? Why us?" Well, why not? It's life...

Today our dog is at the vet. He's been hacking for several days and I think he swallowed a toy or something. 


It's life. It's just life...

Part of life with children or without children is trips to the ER, sick dogs, sleepless nights, car repairs, rude people in the store, people cutting us off in traffic, babysitters canceling, etc.


It's life. It's just life...

It's what we do when life comes at us like a steam train that matters!!! 

Do we kick walls, curse, bite at the rude lady in the store? I'm pretty sure in my early 20's I did all of these and maybe last week, too. ;) But all joking aside, today I am an example to my children. 

Do I choose to stress and get mad? If I do, I can guarantee they will, too, as adults. Or do I choose to rely on my faith, that all will work out, that I can be better, not bitter?

Trust me, I am not always doing what I know to be right. But last night I knew what was the right thing to do and I did it. That's progress, and I am a work in progress. 

I would appreciate prayers for my baby Gray who is cuddling me now watching "Toy Story", a family favorite and for our big bull mastiff Winston who is at the vet with my daughter Olivia. 

It's just life... We don't decide what happens but we can decide how we deal with it. 

Have a great weekend, whether you're cuddling a sick baby, at the vet with your puppy or cleaning your house.

Life after all, is what we make of it. 

Written by Mumma-Bear

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