Happiness Is A Choice

The reality is we will probably never be where WE want to be in our jobs, marriage, our kids acting perfect, everyone healthy, financial security, etc. Waiting for happiness isn't necessary. "Oh, when I get that job, when I get married, when I have my baby..." Speaking from experience, happiness is a choice. 

If you're always living in the future you can't enjoy the present moments. Already when I look at baby pictures of my twin boys I wish I could relive those moments. Well, let's keep it real, some of those moments. 

All we have is today. Live it. Live today. Not tomorrow. Today.

Do we have to plan our lives? Of course. But I believe living in the moment is a skill. It's something I have developed, it needs regular maintenance and it's up to me - not my circumstances, not my children, not my husband. No, it's all up to me.

Do I wake up and say I'm tired? Or do I wake up and say this will be a great day?!

I think the small things affect our happiness more than the bigger things. Again, from my own experience. 

You try to park in a spot and some moron, (yes, moron ;)) has left a cart (trolley) in the only spot. I'm speaking from experience here. But I have a couple of choices: some choice words and think about it the whole time I'm in the store, consider leaving a note, complain to the store, tell my husband all about it later... or I can laugh it off, move on and find another spot. Thought provoking, right? I confess to having done all of the above and I know today it's a choice. 

Watching your child sick changes you, but I want others to know that change is possible without watching your child on a ventilator. It is... it's a choice. What will you choose today? 

These are some pics from this morning. I'm an early bird and suffer from a tiny weeny bit of insomnia. We baked some pretzels that the boys helped roll and Cannon helped me flip pancakes and ate them as they came out of the pan. It's hard to define in words how happy it makes my heart to watch Cannon grow chubby and eat, eat, eat!! I'm a feeder for sure.


Written by Mumma-Bear

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