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I sit here with tears in my eyes, a lump in my throat and a trembling chin. I am watching Cannon push trains around the train table and trying so hard to say "choo choo". He is so close! Saying "aw oh" as a train falls over. A man enters the room and Cannon says "Hi" and later he says "Bye". I think we are close to a good ten words of vocabulary now. Truly, this all changed when my mum came and we went to Disney and were so busy. It's amazing! I can only imagine what his hearing aids will do. Anyways, it makes me so emotional to see him even play with a train let alone try and make noises with them. If any of you recall, I had such a hard time with Cannon on our first two Michigan trips as all he would do is throw toys and had no idea how to play with them. Now, a train set keeps him entertained for hours on end. How can he have changed so much in 6 months? It's been around 6 months since Cannon endured the painful antibody therapy and truly it's like I'm just getting to know him. He is such a happy boy and not that depressed kid that wouldn't interact or play during treatment. I can only imagine what the next 6 months will bring.

I can really only imagine.

I would be lying if I said being away from home is easy. The truth is, financially it causes pressure, flights alone are $600 and that's before accommodations and food. On another note, it is so tough on my husband who works full-time and comes home and takes care of two boys under 2. Feeding them, bathing them (I hope), getting them dressed for school, dropping them off, picking them up. He puts me to shame. I have honestly never met a more hardworking man in my life! He works so hard for his clients and I'm just so proud of him. I truly appreciate how hard my being away is on my family. Maybe some homemade shortbread tomorrow will show my appreciation. Teamwork is what he always says but between us, I think I lucked out on this team. ;)

I digress, I'm sorry! Of course Cannon is NED!!!!

Of course he is!!!!!

NED baby, that's how we do. ;)) 

NO Relapse EVER

I am scooping up every piece of joy and storing it in my joy box!!!!

This picture is Cannon celebrating with his new gold shoes with a little soy latte. Oh, judge away, I don't mind lol. He was delighted with his treat and soy milk is good for you, right? It's so cold in Michigan (like minus 10 cold and snow). He deserves it, right?? Lol ;)

Today Cannon and I pray as Calin and Ava wait for their results for the same tests as Cannon. Both have neuroblastoma like Cannonball.

Sadly, I didn't get to see Oscar's mum Amanda or his sister as the snow was so bad they couldn't get here to meet us and I don't have a car. Being on the floor where Oscar and Cannon and I last cuddled and in the house where we played has been almost unbearable... I see him everywhere. I don't think this post is the right talking place. Only to say that Michigan will never be the same to me and that our Foundation is funding a brain cancer project in Oscar's memory. More on that later. 

There are just not enough words to show my gratitude for prayers!! Only today I am so thankful for them! They mean more to me than anything! Thank you so so much!!!! 

To celebrate Cannon being NED 259 days we are releasing a T-shirt. It has new updated facts on it. So many people email me about T-shirts and we just can't afford to have them for sale all year round so we release them every now and again! What better time than our baby being NED? Can you imagine the day I hold up the sign saying NED 1 year!?! Wow!!! That is so possible and we are getting so so close! Below is the link for buying T-shirts. If you're in the UK or outside of the States you can also purchase them. You may, if you wish, leave a donation in conjunction with your T-shirt purchase but please DO NOT feel obligated.

April 19, 2015 marks two years since we heard "Your son has stage 4 neuroblastoma and his prognosis is poor." We are having a huge street party to celebrate his NED status and I hope we all have so much fun! I am already excited!!

Written by Mumma-Bear

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259 Days No Evidence of Disease

No Relapse Ever