Friday Night... Some Exciting News!

Cannon and I are laying in bed like we do every night when the twins go down. Cannon is on his iPad. Can I just ask why does Thomas The Train need to be in an English accent? Lol! Sorry, but seriously, my kids are starting to sound like they are from London. Of course I'm joking, I love a London accent but I love a Scottish one just a smudge more, hehe. ;) 

I'm writing envelopes now for Cannonball Kids' cancer Card Club. We are at well over 100 packages sent now. I have packages going to Hawaii, Hong Kong, Israel, Iowa and more, all being sent on Monday. The Card Club is now in:

25 states in the U.S.

7 countries in the world

On Monday at 9 am, thanks to an incredible woman named Ybeth Bruzual, who has prayed for Cannon since day one, I will be in the studio at Channel 13 downtown being interviewed about the Card Club and how fast it is growing. Very exciting news for so many reasons!

Smiles. Funds. Awareness. 

That is our mission for the Card Club.

Create smiles for the kids. 

Funds for pediatric cancer research.

Awareness for pediatric cancer. 

If you are interested in the Card Club I have copied an old post below that has more details for you. 

Have a wonderful Friday evening.

Cuddle your babies so tight!! They grow up way too fast!!



Help Me Keep Busy... Pretty Please ;) 

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls... I am using the skill of distraction tonight. Working the card club tonight is stopping me from thinking about the fact that I leave the house at 5am tomorrow for Michigan with my Cannonball. Our Cannonball. Scanaxiety (it's a thing, you know) is setting in big time!!!

I need your help. 

No, really... I need your help! 

So far I have 24 states and 6 countries involved. Below I have listed the countries I have secured card club events in:

1. USA

2. Scotland 

3. England

4. South Africa

5. Australia 

6. Israel 

To-date I have secured 24 states in the USA that will host card club events. Below are the states that DO NOT have a card club present YET (note the word "yet" ;)). I'm asking if you know people in any of these states that would like to make cards. If so, please send send me their email address and I will get in touch with them. I aim to have every state and 10 countries involved by the end of the year. I WILL not and CANNOT fail. Spreading awareness of pediatric cancer, making cards for sick kids and raising funds for research is possible with the card club. I believe in it and I hope you do, too! 

1. Alaska

2. Arkansas

3. Colorado

4. Delaware

5. Idaho

6. Illinois 

7. Indiana

8. Iowa

9. Maine

10. Missouri

11. Montana

12. Nebraska

13. New Mexico

14. North Dakota

15. Oklahoma 

16. Oregon

17. Rhode Island

18. South Carolina

19. South Dakota 

20. Texas 

21. Utah

22. Vermont

23. West Virginia 

24. Wisconsin

25. Wyoming 

To be clear, the above states are the states that do NOT yet have a card club. Please let me know if you can help! 

If you aren't sure what the card club is, below is a link to a Q&A.

I would like to thank Amaya Papaya, a fun play lounge for kids in Casselberry. They have embraced pediatric cancer wholeheartedly and are hosting monthly card club events at their location. I pray that more companies around the US follow suit! Thank you so much - I believe you are the first of many companies who will embrace this movement. 

A massive thank you for the mass of emails and pictures from all the card club events around the globe that I have received. It's incredible - I am so proud of you all! The kids are smiling and happy and research is going to be funded! My heart is happy!



Written by Mumma-Bear

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