The Ripple Effect... You're A Part Of It!

With permission I am allowed to share an email sent by one of Cannon's warriors. In essence, it reminds me of one of my favorite quotes of all time. 

"I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples." ~ Mother Teresa

We will never truly know the real extent one little boy named Cannonball Wiggins, age 3, has made on the pediatric world in the last two years since entering it. I do know factually speaking that CKc has a presence in 33 states in the United States and 9 countries around the world. That CKc is educating. That CKc is raising funds. That CKc is putting smiles on kids' faces. That much we know. I know that today I was emailing with our CEO about CKc events in Scotland, Alabama and at Penn State University as well the local event we're having in Orlando, Florida. It takes a village. 

BUT what about what we don't know? The people whose lives we touch and never know? The mum who spent more time playing on the floor than cleaning because she read about Cannon. The countless emails from people saying they kept their kids up an hour later after watching Cannon's struggles. The grandparents who kept their grandkids the whole night instead of a few hours. The kids who prayed by their beds for kids like Cannon. The kids who will go on to be adults telling their kids about cancer. Personally, I've had emails about all of the above. I love to read them. I love to know that all our hours of hard work to change the face of pediatric cancer right here from the heart of Florida in Orlando (College Park) are making a change.

With permission I have copied an email from a lady whom will remain nameless but is clearly very special, as you will read. I want everyone to know that this is a team effort. Without everyone on team CKc, none of this would be possible and Cannon wouldn't be changing the face of pediatric cancer. I thank all of you who take hours from your families to devote to this worthy, dreadfully underfunded cause of pediatric cancer.

Now get the tissues ready... this email is powerful in so many ways. 

"I also wanted to share with you how important you and Cannon are to me. I have been following your social media posts and praying for Cannon every day.  You inspire me with your strength as a caregiver and mother. I have needed your inspiration. I first learned about you and Cannonball from my best friend Lindsey. At the time Lindsey, a 25 year old newlywed,  was fighting spinal cancer and she was inspired by you to stay positive and strong. She continued to teach high school math while undergoing treatment. She said if Cannon can be brave so can she. We continued to pray for you and Cannon together. 

Sadly, my Lindsey died. I'm sorry to share that with you, but I must because you gave me courage to find comfort and strength. Instead of being angry, which I feel so deeply. Instead of asking why. I focused my grief on the joy I had with my friend and how I could keeping on spreading love for Lindsey and using my voice and actions to help fight against cancer they way you cannonball kids cancer.  

While Lindsey was sick she trained for a half marathon and raised $7,000 for Memorial Sloan Kettering. Since we lost her I have tried to use my voice to continue her fight. I found comfort I'm raising $7,000 with my friends to match hers. I was inspired by you to turn my anger and sadness into action. Also I got involved with Be The Match and was able to donate my stem cells to a patient with Leukemia. I would have never had my eyes searching for ways to support patients and raise awareness and money for research without your indirect impact. I share that with you even though I would rather stay humble but I want you to know your impact. I will continue to find ways to help and I'm sure so many other people have been inspired by you and Cannon to do so as well. instead of a domino effect, we have a cannonball effect and since it is fueled by a mumma bear the cannonball effect is 10x more powerful. You may never know the boundaries of your actions, but I hope you know how AMAZING you are.

I pray for Cannon every day and I pray for you and your husband. Being a caregiver for Lindsey was one of the greatest challenges of my life and I can't even imagine your struggle with your son. I pray for you to stay one of the strongest, bravest and most loving mumma bears out there. I pray for your husband too. He seems like a gentle and dedicated daddy. How lucky Cannon is to have you both, whose love is stronger than any Chemo or radiation treatment. I pray that Cannon continues to have positive news and my heart smiles hearing his laugh in your videos, seeing him play with your twins and those chubby legs. I pray to Lindsey and ask her to be a guardian angel for Cannon.

I know you spent so much time at CHOP in my city. I hope that you never need to spend time here again for sad reasons, but please  know that Cannonball Kids Cancer and your family  will always  have my support and friendship  here in Philly. I can never thank you enough for how you, your husband and your sweet Cannon have helped me, inspired me and changed me for the better.

All my love."

How beautiful this email is! It is so touching to know what Cannon is inspiring in others. 

Please remember to mark your calendars for our first ever big fundraiser on April 19th from 10-2 in College Park, Orlando, Florida! There will be firemen and soccer players there... that's all I'm saying. ;) Oh and kids' stuff, too! ;) 

Written by Mumma-Bear

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