Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

Drumroll please!

O.M.G. what a day... I am still running on adrenaline. I am still cleaning, tidying and trying to get my house back to normal. It is worth every single ache in my body.

I enjoyed every moment of the day. I wasn't stressed and I don't think anyone else was - I really think everyone working the day had fun. We had some 75 volunteers to make it run like a well-oiled machine. CKc is a team! I mean, this team blows my mind!!

75 volunteers.

20 houses on our street involved.

1000 people showed up to support us. 

18 units of blood donated.

9 bone marrow donors signed up.

2 fire trucks.

2 bounce houses.

1 blood bus.

Above are just a few of the things we had going on. 

I have received so many emails and texts about how amazing the day was and that makes my heart happy. Today was a celebration. It started with an idea I had to have a small block party for Cannon - and of course most of you who know me know I'm incapable of a small block party.

I had dinner last night with Brett and Karen Lucas whom have been HUGE supporters of CKc since day one. Brett said his favorite quote was "It's better to fail trying to achieve something extraordinary than succeed doing something ordinary." I feel that way with CKc. So we're trying to cure cancer... even if we don't we're making footprints in the sand to improve treatments these kids get. My son got. Ava gets. That failed Oscar, Jase, Kylie, Alex. We failed them. I failed them and Team CKc wants to stop that! Change that! It's not okay that 250 sets of parents kissed their child for the last time today! I won't stop! We won't stop!!

I truly couldn't be MORE proud of Team CKc. Today I stood with my son Gray and I hugged him tight, danced to the music and as I looked all around me saw the beauty in how WE have turned this around!! How two years ago was such a sad day when Cannon was diagnosed and how today we celebrated him being alive and playing in a firetruck with his friends!!! That's what "Thankful For The Fight" is all about. The book (to be released May 20th) is a true story of how we were told "It's 50/50 but he will have to fight." My husband and I were very aware that very same night someone was told "There is no fight, go home and enjoy your child who has maybe 9 months to live." In that very moment, we were - we continue to be - thankful for the fight!! 

I cannot honestly thank our team enough!! The volunteers. Our community!! It was insane how much help we had!! Truly... from the tip of my toes to the top of my head I'm thankful for you all. 

Today we raised $12,000 towards our $100,000 goal for our pediatric brain cancer project. I'm so proud of Patrick DeLoach and Jacob Boyd for their effort from the Lee Middle School IB program and all the local schools. There was not one local public or private school that was not involved with today. "Educate to eradicate", that's what I say!!

Please continue to pray for Cannon as yet again one week from today we head to Michigan to scan and make sure his chemo is working and keeping his cancer at bay. While I am gone, the twins will turn two and yet again I'm reminded of how awful this disease is. Well today, cancer, you took a beatdown from Team CKc and we will NOT stop until you're defeated!! 

I'm bone tired and every ache is worth it for what we achieved today. More education, more funds raised, a very happy Cannonball who looked for the fire truck after his nap only to find it gone.  :) Win win win. Amazing day and I'm off to sleep now.  ;) 

Written by Mumma-Bear

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