Ripple Effect: Last Night $1 Million To Pediatric Oncology Research

Anyone that reads this blog regularly knows my favorite quote of all time:

I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples. 
~ Mother Teresa
The quote speaks to our Foundation's mission and everyone that is touched by it. By touched by it, I mean moved into action - in donations or volunteering. 

Last night my husband and I Face Timed as he was in Arizona for work and a fundraiser. He was high on adrenaline. 

Background story:  An incredible woman named Whitney Brittain (coincidence her surname is where I was born?) has twins the same age as Cannon, they were born just days apart. When she heard about Cannon through social media, she instantly presented pediatric cancer to a board on which she sits. Whitney wasn't sure if anything would come of it but like the ripple effect talks about - we must TRY!!! The organization she is part of decided that for their fundraiser this year, all funds would be directed towards pediatric cancer research. Michael will give you all the details on the organization and where it will go but I just couldn't hold back my joy for the $1 million that will help change the face of pediatric cancer.

Yesterday, in one day!! One day!!!! That single foundation raised $1 million for pediatric oncology  RESEARCH!!!!!!!

I am just blown away!!!

When we cast a stone, or blog in my case, we don't know what comes of it. If this was the only good thing that came from my blogging I could stop right now. Instead, I am only getting warmed up. Our Foundation and growing TEAM is only getting warmed up.

The last email I read last night was from a lady in Hong Kong who has a card club event next month. HONG KONG?? Yes, people in Hong Kong are learning about pediatric cancer and making smiles and raising funds. The ripple effect again!!!

If you want to be part of the CKc ripple effect please email me. Host a card club event. Make a donation. There are ways to get involved throughout the world. CKc has presence now in many countries and states.

CKc relishes and delights in pediatric cancer successes. When we see Alex's Lemonade Stand and CureSearch succeed it makes our heart soar. If you don't want to donate or help CKc - help another pediatric oncology foundation like those two I have mentioned. I vetted both heavily, met with their CEO and Founders and believe in them and their research projects. So if CKc is too young and you don't believe in us, support one of them. CKc wants to cure kids' cancer. We don't care how it's done and organizations should be less about competition and more about getting the job done. In my very humble opinion, of course! WE cannot do it alone! Please support a pediatric cancer foundation. We need the help.

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